Creating a Victorian style bathroom

We have the Victorians to thank for introducing the bathroom into our homes. Prior to that, outside toilets and tin baths in front of open fires were as good as it got. Brrrr.


Today we regard our bathing boudoirs as far more than the purely functional bathroom the Victorians created. And whilst we’re keen to enjoy the luxuries this brings, we can’t help but yearn for a little nostalgia. Hence our attraction to Victorian style bathrooms.


So how do you create the look without skimping on the modern-day conveniences?


The star attraction

Nothing says Victorian bathroom quite like a gorgeous freestanding bath. Typical attributes include chrome ball and claw feet and the curvaceous roll top. Modern versions come in traditional white, dramatic black, polished aluminium and with the option to paint the exterior in the colour of your choice. Or you could just paint the claw feet to bring a little individuality.



The positioning

The great thing about freestanding baths is that they allow flexibility with their positioning. So if you want it to take centre stage it can, whilst floor-standing taps answer the plumbing requirements.


If however your bathroom dictates that your bath should be close to a wall, flat-ended Victorian freestanding baths with either floor-standing or wall mounted taps enable this.



The weight issue

There’s no getting around it, traditional cast iron baths are weighty. If you’ve discovered the real deal in a reclamation yard and are keen to install it in your bathroom, check that your floor joists are up to the job of supporting it. If not there is another option, readily available contemporary freestanding baths are generally lighter and can still be crowd-pleasers.



The washing of hands

Victorian basins were square and generous in size. Modern versions are just as practical with timeless elegance.



The cosy effect

Victorian cast iron radiators not only look fantastic but they keep towels off the floor and provide your bathroom with a warm glow. However, there’s no need to hunt down originals when modern versions look just as beautiful. Available in white, black and a whole range of exciting colours, including pink, blue, green and yellow, a Victorian cast iron radiator can make a real statement in your bathroom.


The decor

Victorians were big on deep, rich colours when it came to their interiors. Think purple and burgundy. If you can’t quite bring yourself to introduce these dark tones into your bathroom design, just use touches of colour to reflect the era.


When it comes to the flooring, black and white is classic Victorian. Keep it traditional with a conventional pattern or mix it up with a more contemporary design. Or opt for wooden or white painted floorboards, but make sure you seal them to protect from water splashes.


And finally, if you’re looking for beautiful modern takes on Victorian bath ware, head to Livinghouse.