Standing Room Only

It’s long been a cry of unfairness that it is easy for men to unzip and pee with ease. For women the action is more difficult making it necessary to squat and of course in our homes and in public toilets, to sit on the loo seat provided.


At home this isn’t a problem. We can all keep our toilets clean and we are aware of who’s using them too. In a public toilet either a local authority one or a cloakroom belonging to a pub, club or restaurant the traffic is greater. Cleanliness isn’t everyone’s priority and keeping busy public loos as clean as we’d like is costly and is probably only in high class establishments that they live up to our expectations.


Stand Up

In American, a Stanford university graduate thinks she’s perfected the perfect paper funnel for women to use standing up.


Sara Grossman isn’t the first one to think of this but seems to be the first person to have one ready to market.


Pretty in pink?

She has developed a folded, thick paper flat folded funnel which pops up origami style for women to use. The idea is that they stand facing the toilet in the same way that men do and use the funnel to direct their urine into the bowl. There are no drips and no mess and the Stand Up is disposable and biodegradable.



The Shewee

This gadget is similar to the Stand Up but has been available in the UK since 2003. This not only allows women to stand up but there is no need to remove any clothing!


The Shewee is a funnel made from moulded plastic and finished with a liquid repellent surface. It can be wiped clean and reused! It also comes with an optional case and extension pipe which is really useful when you are wearing bulking winter clothes.


The Peebol is an additional disposable toilet made from plastic which folds flat and should be disposed of after use.


This device is available in many outdoor stores, some pharmacies and online in the UK; it is also available in fourteen other countries; it is even available on the NHS. Its manufacturers report that one is sold every three minutes somewhere in the world.


Outdoor activities

Stand Up has been trialled at festivals in the States this summer and Shewee has been promoted for use outdoors – festivals, camping and taking part in sports. It is also perfect for those unpleasant public loos or when you have to take a long car journey or at other inconvenient times.


Shewee’s website gives you plenty of advice about how to use yours too. Did we say it’s available in three colours including bright pink?





No need to stand at home

At home of course there shouldn’t be any need for either of these devices or any similar ones on the market. Your cloakroom or bathroom can house a beautiful and stylish loo with a soft-closing lid which is comfortable to sit on … and relax.


If you want the best in your cloakroom, take a look at the ones available from Livinghouse.


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