Spring into colour with seasonal flowers and plants

A gorgeous vase of flowers or planted pot can instantly perk up an interior or add a much-needed burst of colour to tired gardens, courtyards and porches. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your house’s curb appeal or inject a little sunshine into your home, seasonal flowers and plants are the way to go.


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Here are some fab ideas with essential care tips to get you on board with spring.


Tulip colour burst

Transform the humble jar, vase or glass with colourful patterned wrapping paper to showcase grouped seasonal blooms such as tulips. Position wherever you need a shot of colour.


Care tips for cut tulips: always cut the stems at a diagonal angle before placing in a clean vase with water. Position out of direct sunlight and remember your tulips will straighten out and grow ever so slightly, so ensure the vase is tall enough to accommodate them.


Don’t forget to keep them away from the fruit bowl, as fruit produces ethylene gas which is harmful to cut flowers and will shorten their lifespan.



Maximum curb appeal

Replace your well-trodden welcome mat with a blaze of colour by positioning oversized planted pots by your front door. Guaranteed to bring a smile to even the grumpiest of faces, tulips, pansies and other spring blooms can’t help but spread a little happiness.


Care tips for planted tulips and pansies: plant in well-drained moist soil and position in either full sunlight or partial shade.


Suspended beauty

Repurposed light bulbs make quirky, fun ‘vases’ for displaying your favourite delicate spring flowers. Hang uneven numbers in groups to create a real talking point.


Step up your window box design

Window boxes add instant zing to your home’s exterior, but why not do something creative with wellies instead? Of course a pair of planted wellies in the porch would look pretty amazing too.


This gorgeous display was spotted outside Hampton’s in Sloane Square during Chelsea in Bloom 2014.


Musical Muscari

You don’t need a dedicated music room to showcase this neat idea from The Rosegarden in Malevik, but it helps. Only kidding, Muscari (Grape Hyacinth) wrapped in sheet music would work well in any room.


Care tips for cut Muscari: trim the stems at a 45 degree angle before placing in a clean vase of water with cut flower food. Position out of direct sunlight, away from draughts and the fruit bowl.



Three’s the magic number

Whether displayed in a vase or planted, Muscari says spring in abundance. Plant in identical planters and arrange in groups of three for maximum impact. Perfect for porches, courtyards and gardens.


Care tips for planted Muscari: these low maintenance plants require no pruning, except for the removal of dead foliage and are generally pest free.


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When only daffs will do

This wonderful idea shows planted daffodils, but could easily be used for cut daffs too. All you need is a tall square or rectangular glass vase, plenty of daffodils to fill it and a few lengths of cut bamboo to decorate the vase’s exterior. Simple.


Care tips for cut daffodils: cut 3-5cm off the stem diagonally before placing in a clean vase of water and keep away from that pesky fruit bowl.

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A drawer full of spring

Got an old chest of drawers collecting dust in the loft or garage? Why not repurpose the drawers into colourful planters? A lick of paint and a few minutes of sandpapering and you have a distressed planter for spring beauties such as daffodils, pansies and cyclamen.


Care tips for planted daffodils: plant in well-drained soil, position in full sunlight, deadhead flowers when necessary and keep an eye out for cheeky slugs.


Care tips for planted pansies: plant in well-drained moist soil and position in either full sunlight or partial shade.


Care tips for planted cyclamen: plant in well-drained soil, water when the soil is dry to the touch or when the leaves appear droopy. Be careful not to over or under water.

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