Reasons to choose made to measure fittings for your bathroom

When it comes to remodelling your bathroom, you may find that standard fixtures and fittings just don’t measure up to the job. Depending on your bathroom’s proportions and location, conventional sized baths, showers, sinks and toilets may be too big, too long or even too small for the space.


So what’s the solution?

Bespoke fixtures and fittings allow you to cater to your bathroom’s specific requirements. Shower enclosures, steam rooms, shower doors and even bathroom furniture can be made to measure to fit the exact dimensions of your room, resulting in a fully functioning and aesthetically pleasing space.


Bespoke showers and steam rooms

If you’re faced with an awkward layout, limited space or a bathroom in the loft, then dealing with non-conventional room dimensions can be a real challenge when fitting your bathroom. Whilst standard height shower enclosures and doors may not be an option for your space, a bespoke version could just be the answer.


The beauty of made to measure shower enclosures and steam rooms is that they can be designed and manufactured to fit the exact dimensions of your space. You’ll also have more control over the choice of finish, from frosted, tinted or clear shower doors, to the size, shape and colour of your bespoke shower tray to complement your colour scheme.


So, if the height or slope of your ceiling is an issue or the layout makes the installation of an ‘off-the-shelf’ shower or steam room impossible, a custom made alternative could be the perfect solution.


Made to measure bathroom furniture

Whether your bathing boudoir is small, palatial or just has an unusual layout, made to measure bathroom furniture gives you the flexibility to design the most appropriate solution for you. From providing adequate storage to housing your sink, bespoke cabinets can be made from wood and other painted finishes and paired with beautiful worktops made of many different materials including glass and solid stone.


Not only does custom made furniture allow you to personalise your bathroom, but it also enables you to hide unsightly plumbing and pipe work or other irregularities that could spoil the overall look of your room design.


Small bathrooms require clever storage to fully utilise the space and keep it workable. Bespoke furniture enables you to overcome unusual proportions, as well as challenging nooks and crannies, to fully equip your bathroom.


Standard sized furniture can often look lost and inadequate in large bathrooms. Custom made furniture allows you to play with scale and dictate the size of your wall cabinets, shelves, vanity units and worktops to accommodate one, two or even three sinks.


So, if you’re hard pushed for space or have more than you know what to do with, opting for made to measure furniture will give you the scope to kit out your bathroom in a way that best suits you and your layout.


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