Halloween decorations: anything but scary ideas

Whether you’re throwing a Halloween party or just want to embrace the spookiest night of the year, these not so scary decoration ideas will transform your pad. Take inspiration and unleash your inner crafter if you’re feeling crafty, or get out your credit card and bend some plastic online if you’re in the mood for shopping.


String ‘em up

Bunting is synonymous with all things nice, like sugar and spice and bake sales. But come All Hallow’s Eve and we have a licence to scare, so why not spell it out with your own frightening bunting? Or play it safe with Happy Halloween Bunting by The Bunting Stop.


The Bunting Stop – Etsy


Hang ‘em high

Hauntingly beautiful Mexican sugar skulls make a refreshing change to your average paper skeleton and are more likely to give your party guests the heebeegeebees. So why not embrace Halloween in true Día de Muertos style with gorgeous Day of the Dead Skull Lanterns or Day of the Dead Skull Garlands by Post Box Party?





Book of spells

Fed up of those unread books mocking you from the bookcase? Why not take revenge by ripping out their guts and fashioning them into cute paper pumpkins? That’ll teach ‘em. If you can’t possibly commit such a heinous crime, you can buy a set of 3 Paper Pumpkins from Creaton Crafts instead.


Creation Crafts – Etsy




You may have already cultivated a decent amount of cobwebs in the run up to October 31st, but if you really want to make an impact, why not snap up a set of 3 Spider Fan Hanging Decorations from Ginger Ray? Or of course you could have a go at making your own and add to your severed finger collection…




 Message from beyond the grave

Whilst this cute Boo Sign by Bean and Beth might not provoke blood-curdling screams or night terrors, it does add a spooky sense of occasion to Halloween. Shop for loose letters, paint and ribbon and create your own festive message.


Bean and Beth – Etsy


Dead man walking

We all know that things that go bump in the night are usually those who’ve had one too many snifters to calm their nerves at Halloween. But this charming paper Ghost Garland by Peach Blossom will ensure you scare the bejesus out of any stray party guests that may be stumbling around in the wee small hours.



Revenge of the cheerleader

Pom poms…get it? We know it’s a bit of a tenuous link but we couldn’t resist. It may be a while since you’ve fashioned a pom pom out of wool and a wonky cardboard disk, but those skills you picked up in school have a habit of coming into their own in later life. Like algebra. (Sorry we took it too far.)

Anyway, if you have the time and patience, creating a festively coloured pom pom garland is pretty straightforward and looks kind of jaunty. Can’t be bothered? Don’t worry; the Crafty Moo Shop has done it for you.


Crafty Moo Shop – Etsy