Dual-function bathroom heroes

The bathroom is one of the hardest working rooms in the home and is often smaller than we’d like. So, given its need to perform highly and the limitations of space, opting for bathroom items that have a dual purpose makes perfect sense.


So much more than just a shower

Having enough space to fit both a bath and shower in your bathroom is great, but why stop there when you can elevate your humble shower to a steam room with a simple bit of kit? The Steam Room Generator can be retrofitted to your existing shower, allowing you to enjoy the health benefits of steam on a daily basis.


Not only does the Steam Room Generator make a smart addition to your bathroom in red, black or cream, but it can also generate enough steam to fill a cubic area of up to 2.6m3.


Steam Room Generator


So much more than just a mirror

Most of us like a bit of company when we’re performing our daily ablutions, but generally in the form of the radio or TV. If we’re not catching up with the news or checking the weather and traffic, then we’re hoping a little music will motivate us for the day ahead. The Good Morning Mirror TV is a fantastic mirror and TV in one, which allows you to perform your daily rituals, such as grooming and shaving, whilst watching the TV. How neat is that?


Stylish and contemporary, the Good Morning Mirror TV features a high resolution LCD screen measuring 156x88mm and an illuminated mirror measuring 950x485mm to showcase your dazzling good looks.


Good Morning Mirror TV


And talking of mirrors, how about a full length one that can also dry your towels and heat your bathroom? Now that’s a triple-function hero. The international award-wining Crystal Mirror Heated Towel Rail boasts contemporary good looks, whilst generating enough heat to keep you cosy and allowing a condensation-free view of your best bits. Need we say more?


Crystal Mirror Heated Towel Rail


So much more than just a bath

What’s a bathroom without a bath? Well, it’s a steam room or a wet room, but we digress. If you’d love to have the option of both a bath and a shower, but space is a problem, opting for a shower over the bath is a great alternative. Whether you choose a fixed shower or a bath filler with a handheld shower attachment, a glass bath screen will transform your bath into a partially enclosed shower and keep splashes to a minimum.


Frosted Bath Shower Screen


If a bath is all you require, opt for a Japanese Style Deep Soaking Square Bath which takes a quick dip or a long bathe to spa status thanks to its added depth, whirlpool systems and chromotherapy options. Why settle for a regular bath when you can have one that rejuvenates and promotes the feeling of wellbeing?


Japanese Style Deep Soaking Square Bath


You’ll find all of these dual-function bathroom heroes, as well as a huge range of contemporary designer baths and showers, on the Livinghouse website.