Plants to complement your bathroom style

Plants have always featured in the home as a way of bringing the outside in and adding a natural element to interior design. Over the years they’ve also been elevated to hero status for the health benefits they provide, from reducing stress to cleaning the air we breathe. So it’s not surprising that we’re keen to squeeze them into the bathroom to enhance the space we love to relax in.


Plants for Victorian bathrooms

If you’re lucky enough to reside in a Victorian property with its period features still intact, then you may have honoured tradition with a period styled bathroom. Slipper baths or aluminium tubs, black and white tiled floors and lush green planting all shout Victorian bathroom. To get the look, consider adding Aspidistra and palms in abundance.



Plants for retro bathrooms

If your bathroom has a decidedly retro feel (despite the lack of a coloured bathroom suite), why not embrace popular plants of the 60s and 70s? Not only were cheese plants (Monstera deliciosa) and rubber plants (Ficus elastic) big back then, but also hanging plants in macramé baskets.


The hanging plant has seen a recent resurgence and can be hung in all sorts of amazing planters to suit the style of your bathing boudoir. Bathrooms with limited space can still benefit from a slice of nature indoors by hanging plants from the ceiling – an often underutilised area.

Flower Council of Holland


You could also combine planting with lighting to really maximise the space in your bathroom.


Plants for contemporary bathrooms

Once considered a difficult plant to care for, the orchid has become a staple in contemporary interiors. Elegant, beautiful and exotic, orchids come in many varieties and a range of colours to either complement your scheme or add an instant pop of colour.

Phalaenopsis –


As well as bringing the outside in, plants can soften the high tech look of contemporary bathrooms that utilise modern technology, such as wall mounted TVs. And the other good news, many plants will thrive in the humid conditions generated by our bathing and showering routines, making them the perfect bathroom accessory.


Über-trendy right now

We’ve already mention the trendiness of hanging plants, but another trend that’s big right now is the terrarium. These angular glass planters are great for housing succulents, air plants and cacti in the bathroom. Keep them small and display on windowsills and shelves or opt for several hanging terrariums instead.


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For more ideas on how to incorporate plants into your room design, as well as tips on caring for your plants, see the Livinghouse blog.