Adding colour with contemporary baths and taps

Minimalistic all-white interiors are often labelled clinical, which is peachy if that’s the look you’re after, but rather insulting if you’re not. Rooms that can carry off this look include the kitchen and the bathroom, but even they can appear uninviting and devoid of personality if there aren’t enough design touches to hold our interest.


Adding layers of texture and tone can do wonders, but a shot of colour can also help to perk up all-white interiors too. Why not go bold with a colourful contemporary bath or play it safe with fun, colourful taps?


Cleo Baths

Available in brilliant red, calm cream, sophisticated black and other bespoke colours, the freestanding Cleo Bath is both contemporary and Italian in design. Beautifully sculptural and manufactured in stone resin, its comfortable egg shape not only looks the business but is a pleasure to bathe in.


Guaranteed for 25 years, it outperforms acrylic and cast iron baths and weighs in at 125kg. So whilst it may be solid, it’s still a lightweight contender for your bathroom. Additional features include a 16 jet air spa system by special order.


Vital statistics: L1700mm x W880mm x H540mm


Polar Baths

Weighing in at 135kg, the freestanding stone resin Polar Bath is a beautifully designed tub. Available in contemporary black, red, cream and other bespoke colours, it offers slightly more depth than the Cleo Bath. Modern and stylish, it’s also guaranteed for 25 years and can be fitted with an air jet spa system by special order.


Vital statistics: L1600mm x W750mm x H600mm


Florence Baths

The freestanding Florence Bath may be contemporary, but its bateau design means it works well in both modern and traditional bathrooms. Lighter than both the Cleo and Polar Bath, it weighs just 115kg and is also manufactured in stone resin. It too can be fitted with an air spa system and is guaranteed for 25 years. You just have to decide whether to opt for cream, black, red or another bespoke colour to give your bathroom design the edge.


Vital statistics: L1750mm x W750mm x H680mm


For the colour-shy, Cleo, Polar and Florence Baths are also available in white too.


Flower Taps

For those who can’t quite make the leap away from white baths, exclusive Italian designer flower taps allow you to add an injection of colour to your bathroom whilst retaining the contemporary aesthetic. Available in brushed stainless steel with porcelain handles and in a choice of colours, including blue, red, black, orange, yellow, green, grey and white, they can either complement or accentuate your colour scheme.


These fun flower taps come in a range of designs, including wall mounted, deck mounted and freestanding options. As well as matching shower heads, shower valves and freestanding shower columns.