Do you have lofty aspirations for your home?

When we’re looking to add more space to our abode, we generally extend outwards and upwards. Although not cheap, a loft conversion can add value to your property whilst resolving those pesky space issues.


And the best thing about a loft conversion? This space can be utilised for just about any additional room you require, from bedrooms, bathrooms and lounges, to home offices, studios, playrooms and gaming rooms.



Probably the most common choice for a loft space is a bedroom, but not just any old bedroom. This space lends itself beautifully to a palatial master bedroom, ideally with its own en suite.


In a busy family home this provides parents with a sanctuary of their own and frees up a bedroom on the floor below. Kids can benefit from more bedroom space and fully claim the family bathroom as their own. It’s also a great opportunity, budget allowing, for reconfiguring the first floor layout to suit your growing family.



Bathrooms in lofts tend to be linked to the master bedroom that occupies the same space. Although the layout and eaves can seem like a challenge when installing a bathroom, there are plenty of solutions to enable a bath, shower or bath shower combination in the space.


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If you have a large family, then a secondary lounge in the loft could make all the difference to the harmony of your home. Make it a tranquil retreat where you can relax, or give your kids and teenagers a den to hang out with their friends. You get your lounge back and regain full control of the TV channels.


Home office

If you work from home then having your own home office is paramount. Lofts are often utilised for this purpose as they can provide a quiet space away from the rest of the household. They also help to address work/life balance by allowing you to separate working from home from just spending time at home.


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If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own dedicated space to unleash your creativity, then a studio in the loft is ideal. Velux windows allow plenty of light to flood the space making it suitable for painting, sewing, writing, crafting, jewellery making…the list goes on. It could also be modified to accommodate a dark room for photography.


And the best bit? Having your own dedicated studio means you can free up other areas of the home that have been used for your hobbies. Storage for your bits and bobs gets a new home and you don’t have to pack projects away when it’s time to stop. Instead, you can leave them out ready to continue when it suits you.


Playroom or gaming room

Any kid or teenager would love to have their own playroom or gaming room. By locating either option in the loft this becomes an extension of their bedroom on the floor below. A dedicated space for playing will reduce the number of toys that infiltrate the rest of the home and clever storage solutions will encourage children to keep their toys tidy. Well, you can always hope.


By locating playrooms and gaming rooms in the loft it also helps to contain the noise at the top of the house, leaving you free to enjoy the tranquillity below.