Implementing Bathroom Trends

Following on from our Bathroom trends for 2015 blog, we look at the practicalities of implementing trends, such as including other furniture more commonly found in other areas of the home into the bathroom.


According to a report following the 2014 Milan Salone di Mobile, the bathroom is set to overtake other rooms in the home, such as the kitchen or lounge, for the title of ‘heart of the home’. The use of warmer tones and inclusion of furniture such as dressing tables, bookshelves and comfy seating will elevate the humble bathroom to a relaxing sanctuary that demands our time.


Comfy seating

Those of us blessed with ample bathrooms have probably already seen the benefits of including a sofa in their design. Not only does it look chic and cosmopolitan, but it also addresses some very practical issues.


The pros

Parents with young children will be all too familiar with the discomfort of either perching on the toilet or kneeling on the floor as they bathe or watch their kids during bath time. The addition of a sofa not only addresses this problem, but also offers an extra area for drying, quiet time after bathing or temporary off-the-ground storage for clothing.


Seating also provides a relaxing post-bathing area for grownups too and is ideal for socialising with your partner when you don’t want to share a bath.


The cons

The most obvious has to be the affects of a damp or humid environment that is predominantly wet. However, with ample ventilation such as a large extractor fan, fabrics in bathrooms can fair pretty well.


Not enough room for a sofa? Then why not see if you can squeeze in a bucket chair instead?



Dressing tables

Updating your bathroom is the perfect time to sneak in a dressing table. Whether it’s built in, freestanding or utilises an alcove or cupboard, the practical outweighs the compromise with space!


The pros

We’re no strangers to stooping over the sink to get a better view in the mirror above. But why not take a load off by including your own dedicated dressing table complete with seat?


This handy piece of furniture allows you to organise your make-up and beauty products for easy access on a daily basis. It will also free up space in the bedroom which should give you plenty of leverage if your significant other is adverse to its inclusion in the bathroom.


The cons

Nope, we can’t think of any cons re. including a dressing table in the bathroom. Oh wait, you may monopolise the bathroom for longer but that shouldn’t be a problem if you live alone or flat share with girlfriends.



Book shelves

This idea should resonate well with those who love to wallow in the bath with a good book or are partial to reading on the toilet.


The pros

The idea of having your own mini library at arm’s reach from your bath is a tempting idea. There may also be underutilised space in your bathroom that is perfect for shelving your collection, especially if you have exhausted all other nooks and crannies in your home.


From a design point of view books can add colour or complement a monochrome scheme.


The cons

Again, is this damp, humid environment suitable for books? Yes if you’re a fan of the crinkled/aged look or have great ventilation. Perhaps a glass-fronted shelving unit would add some much-needed protection too?


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