How Much Does It Cost To Fit a Steam Room?

Evolving the luxury in your bathroom has now become affordable. Installing a steam shower is a lot cheaper than one would think, as the majority of the costs would already be covered in the installation of the shower.



With the cost of a reliable high quality steam generator now starting from £697 +VAT; added to approximately a day’s installation cost based on £180 a day; you could add a steam room to your existing shower for under £1000 +VAT.

Below shows you the estimated costs of installing a whole new steam room setup. The prices are based on the quality products supplied by


Steam Generator Kit £697.00
The Oyster Frameless Shower Door in 10mm glass £481.00
The Condo Shower Tray (including waste) £245.00
The Fresh Shower Control £149.00
Fixed Jumbo Shower Head £159.00
Quality wall tiles 7m@ £25 £175.00
10mm Insulation Boards for Walls £120.00
Tiling costs £300.00
Sundries £40.00
Plumbing and Electrical Installation costs £360.00
Sundries £90.00
Total ex Vat £2,816.00


These costs are to be used as an educated starting point, but everyone’s situation is going to be different.




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