How Much Does a Wetroom Cost?

This is a difficult question to answer due to the various room sizes and complexity of each individual project. Based on the quality products Livinghouse sell; here is a guide line to installing a luxury wet room.


Here are the basic requirements for a six square metre wetroom:


Aquafloor Wetroom Kit 2:
6m2 Kit with 1000 x 1000mm Hidden Tray £430.00
Shower pump: 2.3 Bar £335.00
Round Jumbo shower head £159.00
Fresh Recessed Thermostatic Shower Controls £247.00
Sail Glass Wetroom Panel:
10mm glass 900mm width £526.00
Corner Shower Basket £64.00
Stainless Steel Heated Ladder Towel Rail:
1250 x 400mm £251.00
Florence Wall Hung Basin £261.00
With Tap, waste and bottle trap £199.00
Single Aluminium Mirror Cabinet £322.00
Florence Wall Hung Toilet £497.00
Concealed Cistern Kit & Movie Flush Plate £302.00
Loo Roll Holder £76.00
Coliseum porcelain floor tiles: 6m2 £234.00
Cream wall tiles: 12m2 £300.00
Total ex VAT: £4,183.00


Installation costs will vary greatly between geographical areas.  Our experience tells us you should get quality tradesmen for between £150-£200 per day.  We believe, based on an empty room with all the services within reach, that the following costs are a fair guide:


Installation of the Aquafloor Kit £225 – £400
Floor tiling with sundry materials £198 – £250
Wall tiling with sundry materials £390 – £490
First fix plumbing costs £300 – £400
Second fix plumbing costs £300 – £400
Painting of walls plus paint £150
Total ex VAT if applicable £1500 – £2150



In conclusion, there are so many variants in a project of this type; not just room size but taste and your personal requirements. This information is set out as a guide and a starting point to work from.





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