Fit for Purpose …Or Just Too Small?

It’s that time again. Property veterans Kirstie and Phil have returned to our TV screens with another series of Location, Location, Location. As well as offering us a voyeuristic view into homes across the country, we’re also treated to their expertise and the accompanying banter of their dysfunctional ‘TV marriage’. But we love them all the same and can’t help but enjoy their exasperation with newbie house-hunters who want it all.


Anyone who has successfully mounted the property ladder will understand the battle with compromise when it comes to purchasing a new home. After all, if you’re throwing that amount of ‘cash’ at it you want it to tick all of the boxes, right? Unfortunately, your budget doesn’t always allow a property in your dream location with a dream layout. More often than not, one aspect of your criteria has to bite the bullet.


Compact living

It’s no secret that certain areas of the UK are pricier than others. Take the capital for instance, properties in London have ridiculous price tags and many offer limited space and often no gardens.


One property that has recently hit the market and the headlines is a dinky home in Barnsbury, North London. It is advertised as a ‘one bedroom terraced house’. The price? A whopping £275,000. But what’s even scarier than the inflated price is the fact that the property is just one room, measuring 188sqft. Now that’s what you call compact living.

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Ingenious design

The property’s use of space is extremely creative. In fact it would give the creatives at IKEA a run for their money. Just squeeze in a little modular furniture and it wouldn’t look out of place on the pages of an IKEA catalogue.


Open plan

The tiny living space features a raised platform with concealed storage, two floor cushions equalling the lounge and a tiny table with two stools equalling the dining area. The kitchen occupies the length of one wall with the end counter top doubling as access to the steps to the bedroom. The bedroom is a shelf measuring 2.29m x 1.73m. Feeling claustrophobic?


Caravan chic

If you’re keen on caravanning, then the shower room will feel very familiar. Yes, it’s reminiscent of the shower facilities found in any good caravan. Barely the size of a cupboard, both the toilet and the shower occupy this incredibly tight space.


Clearly it would take a certain type of person to live here comfortably. Someone who is more concerned with location than layout, obviously.


Compact and beautiful

Hopefully you haven’t had to compromise on space to this extent in your own property. But if your bathroom, shower room, wet room or cloakroom is on the small side, opt for space-saving designs that can add inches to your room.


At Livinghouse we stock beautiful designer wall hung basins and wall hung toilets which include compact and super small designs with a small projection to maximise any tight squeeze.


[all images via Zoopla]


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