How the right handle can open doors

The clue’s in the title. Choosing the right door handles for your home can indeed open many doors. Without them, well, you’d struggle to move from room to room…


Your gateway to the next room

We’ve already established that in an ideal world you need door handles if you are going to conform to tradition and have internal doors in your home. However, as with many of the finer details, we don’t always give them much thought when we’re considering the bigger picture. Often an afterthought, these little design details can make or break your interior design efforts. And that includes door handles.


Choosing the right door handle for your interior style

Depending on your own personal design style or the age of your property, you might want to opt for a door handle design that complements your interior. As a rule contemporary designs work well in modern properties and modern door handles with a nod to the traditional can work well in period properties. However, that is not to say that ultra-contemporary door handles can’t work well in older properties with period features. In fact, the contrast can often make a real statement.


As with the style, the finish of your door handle can also make a big impact. Available in a range of finishes, including gold, bronze, chrome, satin chrome, matt nickel, stainless steel and black, door handles can either take centre stage or sit quietly in the background. The choice is yours.


Whatever style or finish you opt for, consider whether to use the same style throughout your home or whether mixing designs would add something extra to your interior. If you’re tempted by the latter, just make sure the styles work together if they’re in close proximity to one another.


Slimm contemporary door handle
  styled by Spalvier/Del Ciotto Studio



Try before you buy

However, don’t fall into the trap of style over function. After all, your door handles have one job to do and that’s to help you move around your home. Yes, they need to be aesthetically pleasing but they also need to be comfortable in your hand and easy to use.


If possible, it’s a good idea to get a feel for your door handles of choice. And yes, we mean literally. Consider how the handle feels in your hand. Is it comfortable and will it be easy to use when you’re in a hurry or weighed down with shopping etc? Will everyone in the household, including children or those with limited hand movement or grip, be able to use it easily?


Tailla contemporary door handle
  designed by Luca Colombo


Quality over quantity

Budget-wise it may be tempting to choose the cheapest option and forgo great design, but by splashing out just that little bit extra, a good quality door handle can last a lifetime.


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