Colour choices in 2016

Interior colours for next year are predicted to be a ‘mixed bag’ according to Pantone, the biggest global colour gurus. The colours will be an eclectic mix of patterns and prints influenced by many different cultures and countries.


The predominant colours include Pirate Black, Mandarin Red, Violet, Florid Orange, Ginger, Hot Pink, Robust Wine and Plush Moss. It’s interesting how the colours are mostly given two word names to attempt to identify the tone although Pirate Black is surely just Black by any other name?


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As you can see from Pantone’s image all the shades are somewhat muted and work well together. And they do show some of several pattern suggestions to illustrate the mish-mash appeal of the combinations.


Basically the colour predictions are what the fashion and interiors industries use to inform their up-coming collections so these predictions have been available for some time.


Dulux predicts

Meanwhile Dulux, the paint company has announced its interpretations of next year’s trends and colours. They say that it will be a year of contrasts – ‘Looking Both Ways’. This could be pale and dark or organisation and chaos and more.


The interpretation

Obviously the paint colour choices are at the heart of Dulux’s trends but also the way they are interpreted adds to the 2016 look. So the paint company has explained we can expect to see these executed in the following ways:


Dark & Light: they say that this trends celebrates the dark side in particular deep petrol blues and rich greens. The contrast of lighter but similar shades is what makes it stand out. Dulux claim the influences are our recent interests in the dark and cite stargazing and blacking out our screens to get a good night’s sleep.




Heritage & Future: those old favourites of old and new are always popular. Dulux see them as represented by colours from ‘rich reds through to muted clay colours’. They suggest an introduction of stripes and contrasting materials and textures will bring this right up to date and make it seem very contemporary.




Words & Pictures: two very different ways of expressing ourselves will lend a hand in decoration this year. We’ll see lettering – maybe oversized or handwritten – as ways to decorate our walls. Words or letters will become pictures if you like. Dulux suggest colours such as graphite grey through to biro ink blue will be common in this trend.




The Grid & Letting Go (aka organisation & chaos): this trend will feature pastel shades mixed with black & white but it will be more about how they are executed again. Dulux are suggesting there will be a merging of geometric designs with confetti/scatter gun type patterns and possible ‘trompe-l’oeil’ tiles or patterns of triangles like mosaics. The influences are our structured daily lives and the fun that can be had when we go ‘off piste’.




That should give you lots of inspiration for any rooms you are decorating next year and ensure you are up to the minute in design.