How to warm up contemporary bathrooms with wood

Contemporary bathrooms excel in delivering clean lines, sharp design and a minimalist feel. But for some the materials and colours used to create this environment can also produce a cold, clinical and uninviting space. Common culprits include colours such as white, grey and black and materials such as tiles, slate, marble, concrete, glass, chrome and stainless steel.


The success of contemporary bathroom design relies on balancing these materials with warm tones or softening design details. One way to warm up your design is by introducing wood. Used cleverly it can soften the sometimes harsh lines of modern design whilst retaining its contemporary feel.


Here’s how to incorporate wood into your bathroom without compromising your modern design.


Bathroom furniture

Designer bathroom furniture is a simple way to bring the warming tones of wood into your interior. Contemporary styles ensure modernism is upheld whilst providing adequate storage for the 21st century user.


Often wall hung, modern designer furniture can feature sunken basins and integral storage, as well as providing a streamlined base for counter top basins.




If you can’t source the real thing, then fake it with a ceramic Iroko wood finish instead. An elegant, tall wood-effect sink perched on a chunky modern countertop says contemporary design with all the warming properties of wood.



Shower trays

Wooden shower trays not only feel warmer underfoot but look amazing when paired with dark or crisp white bathroom interiors. Use to liven up slate tiles and complement contemporary glass shower enclosures.



When it comes to contemporary baths, we tend to think of simple modern shapes such as ovals, oblongs and squares in white. Modern designs are often deep and are manufactured in all kinds of materials. One such material is wood, which brings a natural earthy tone to predominantly white or grey bathrooms.


Wooden baths not only make a change from the popular white bath, but provide a cosy cocoon with a tactile bathing quality. Just imagine slipping into a warm wooden bath…beats a cold conventional one any day.



Another relatively easy way to incorporate wood into your design is in the flooring. Not only does this feel great on your tootsies, but injects tons of warmth into white bathrooms that are verging on the clinical. Budget allowing, why not lay underfloor heating to really turn up the heat?


You can also continue the use of wood as a wall covering and in the shelving, but make sure you balance with equal use of white in the bathroom fittings and tiles or marble.



Sometimes all that’s needed to lift a cold colour scheme is a hint of wood here and there. From wood surround light switches to wood finishes on heated towel rails, there’s no end to the ways you can include wood into your bathroom design whilst retaining its contemporary edge.


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