Tips to consider before giving your bathroom a full makeover

In the excitement of updating your bathroom it is easy to forget the fundamentals. Here are our tips to make it go smoothly.



Remember that there are several factors to getting the timing just right. It’s not just about when you want the bathroom in and completed. You have to allow time for suppliers to get your chosen items to you and if these are designer items or ones tailored to your specifications in anyway, they may take longer. So start choosing your items and fixtures as soon as possible so that everything comes together in plenty of time.



Plumbing is costly to move and will mean the project will take more time so think carefully before changing the basic layout of your bathroom.


Obviously speak to your plumber to get his or her opinion and also their availability to do the job. Obviously if you do need to move the plumbing around this is the best time to do it, but if it isn’t absolutely necessary, then it is probably best not to. It’s certainly not worth the hassle and the cost if it isn’t absolutely necessary.



This is the time to make the most of natural light. If your bathroom is dark or without a window at all, consider your options: can you add a ‘sun tunnel’ or a skylight to bright natural light in? Improving the natural light in your bathroom will instantly make a real difference to your bathroom experience.


Of course you can also invest in task as well as main lighting at this stage too.



Do you dream of under floor heating? Now’s the time to look at the options for this treatment. Imagine stepping out of the bath or shower onto a warm floor – sheer bliss.


Your electrician will be able to help or if you’re pretty handy yourself you can get a kit from Livinghouse with clear instructions on our website of how to fit it. You may well be happier with your electrician installing this which we would always recommend.


A walk-in shower

This is a really good time to fit a walk-in shower preferably with an ultra modern flush shower tray i.e. no step up. These are safer and look better and are also useful if you are getting older or you have older guests to stay.


The latest trends

These aren’t always the best option! It’s that consideration of the cost factor again. Bathroom fixtures aren’t something you change every year or two so don’t get caught in that latest trend colour trap. Remember those avocado green suites or even the dirty brown ones? You don’t want yours to look dated in a few years!


Modern or designer shaped fixtures in white won’t date so quickly. If you are tempted by coloured or other finishes be absolutely sure that you and future home owners will be able to live with it for some time to come. Even though we think you’ll agree that those on offer at Livinghouse are superb and tasteful.


The best way to be right up to the minute is with bathroom accessories which are cheaper and easier to change regularly.