Gifts for bathers, shower lovers and bathroom hoggers

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…


Love it or loathe it, the season to be jolly is imminent. If like us you enjoy giving and receiving Christmas presents, but hate trawling the shops for the perfect gift, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve done the hard work for you.


Now we can’t say we’ve pounded the pavements, but we have browsed online from the comfort of our bath. You too can order these fab gift ideas online and save yourself the hassle of entering a physical shop bedecked in Christmas sparkle.


Bathing Bad Bath Salts by Firebox £14.99

You don’t need to have watched the entire series of Breaking Bad to enjoy Firebox’s Bathing Bad Bath Salts. But they do make the perfect gift for avid fans as these legit bath salts will deliver a perky pick-me-up to the recipient.


Bathroom humour quote prints by WeLovePrintableArt £9.69

Toilets and humour go hand in hand, right? And as everybody has a bathroom this gift is a safe option for any hard to please friend or family member on your Christmas list. Just pick a cheeky print from WeLovePrintableArt, pop it in a frame, wrap and you’re done. Easy.


Bacon Soap by Firebox £6.99

Unless you’re a vegetarian, there’s no better wake-up call than the whiff of fried bacon in the morning. This delicious smell can penetrate even the deepest of sleeps and have us drooling on our pillows.


Although not edible, Firebox’s Bacon Soap is a tasty block of cleanliness that makes the ideal gift for bacon lovers. A quick lather and their taste buds will be awoken just in time for a fry-up or bacon sarnie. Well, it beats giving socks again.


This Bag Contains My Face Makeup Bag by Home & Glory £14.50

Yes, she may already have a makeup bag, but she’s probably bored of it. And who doesn’t love a bag with a jaunty slogan? ‘This Bag Contains My Face’ makeup bag by Home & Glory should help contain her beauty paraphernalia and stop it encroaching on your side of the sink. Perfect for ladies with a sense of humour.


Blood Bath Shower Gel by Firebox £5.99

What do you buy a fan of True Blood when they’ve already got the box set? Duh, Firebox’s Blood Bath Shower Gel of course. Presented in an IV-style pouch, this cherry scented gel will make a gory statement (or just a mess) in wannabe vampires’ showers.


Violin Lavatory Seat by Music Room Direct £49

This clever present is ideal for both bathroom and music lovers. Who’d have thought, eh? Now we know gifting loo seats is rather, um, unusual, but if they play the violin or appreciate classical music you’re onto a winner…surely?



Underwater Disco Lights by Firebox £7.99

If your Christmas present budget doesn’t stretch to either a bath or shower with integral chromatherapy lighting, Firebox’s Underwater Disco Lights could be a great alternative.


Waterproof (obviously) and battery operated, these Underwater Disco Lights float in the bath and project mesmerizing colours in various sequences. Just add music and a swimming pool or hot tub and you’ve got the perfect Christmas party setting.


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