Seeking Bathroom Design Inspiration

Design inspiration is all around us, from the oodles of online resources and interior design magazines to makeover shows. We’re literally spoilt for choice and therein lies the challenge when you are considering updating your bathroom.


Budget aside, wading through the abundance of styles, finishes and colour ways to refine your choice can be overwhelming. But fret not; a little order is all that is needed to navigate the exciting design choices that will result in your ideal bathroom.


Hunt and gather

Before embarking on any interior revamp, make up a wish list of must-have bathroom items. Whether it’s a roll top freestanding bath, contemporary oversized shower head or wall mounted TV, this will give you a starting point in your design inspiration adventure.


Embrace the many available resources to gather inspiration. Scour the Internet for digital imagery and cut out and keep images from magazines. Get snap happy with your Smartphone when you see something appealing. It could be your friend’s bathroom, a design aspect of a restaurant interior, a quirky product in a shop, architecture, art or good old Mother Nature at her best. If it appeals, capture it for design prosperity.


Browse websites dedicated to designer bathrooms, devour interior magazines and get up to speed with makeover shows. All will deliver the latest trends and tips for designing your ultimate bathroom.


Go to the movies

Interior design trends are not only influenced by the catwalks, but also by the movies. Updated period dramas, such as Baz Luhrmann’s opulent The Great Gatsby, inspire new trends and an appetite for period decadence all the time. Explore new movies and old favourites for interesting takes on styling that you can implement in your own design.


Embrace the drama

But it’s not just the big screen that offers design ideas. The small screen provides numerous televised period dramas and retro series to take inspiration from. For instance, the immense popularity of Downton Abbey recently led to a resurgence of Edwardian inspired interiors.


Go beyond reality

TV reality shows, such as bling-heavy TOWIE and the possibly more refined Made in Chelsea, give a glimpse into unreal worlds staged in interesting interiors. From glitzy bars to over opulently decorated houses, there’s a design tip or two to extract from the scripted unreality. Just remember less is more.


Get organised

Create moodboards, both digital and hard copy versions, using the collected imagery of interiors, colours and bathroom furniture that you love. Browse Pinterest to find images of bathrooms and interiors that fit your style and pin them to your own digital moodboard. Use it to store imagery collected from all over the Internet and follow other boards of interest compiled by interior designers, bloggers and bathroom companies.


Refine and conquer

And finally, use your moodboards to refine your design. Discard items that don’t make the cut and zone in on styles and colour ways that appeal to you the most, fit the space and evoke your own personal style. Don’t be afraid to blend contemporary with traditional and include period finds from reclamation yards and antique markets.

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