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There is something mesmerising about circles. That fact that they do not start or end perhaps? Several artists have played with circles creating patterns or as a symbolic image in their work. Kandinsky’s famous Circles with Concentric Square, a mix of circles and vibrant colours and Damien Hirst’s Spot paintings which have caused a bit of a stir for instance.


In the home where walls tend to be angular, circles don’t always get a fair chance to shine even though in many ways they are often signalled as a ‘cut above the rest’ in their category. Think circular beds or baths.


The compromised space in the average house doesn’t lend itself to circular fixtures and furnishings very easily. They just take up more room. This is with the exception of a circular table which compensates by seating more people, more easily.


Circles in the bathroom

With the latest trend for free-standing baths however circles are making a come-back.


This image shows an apartment renovation in Stockholm where the circles theme is carried through bath, basin and light fitting but contrasted by the tiles on the floor and wall. But again this apartment has plenty of forgiving space in all its rooms.


Circles in a bathroom near you

Closer to home you’ll find some amazing circular designs for your bathroom at Livinghouse, the ultra contemporary one stop outlet for top quality bathroom fixtures and fittings.


The Circulo and the Polo round baths are both made from rigid stone resin used in top quality products. They both come with a 20 year guarantee and are really stylish additions to your bathroom if you have the space.



The Polo Bath


For a circular basin to complement your circular bath you might consider the Pure freestanding sink. It comes in pure white as is suggested by its name and even includes an oval cut out in its ‘pedestal’. Or consider the quirky Pure Teacup sink again on its own sleek pedestal and with a ‘handle’ on the side which doubles as a place to hang your towel. We love it!


Pure Tea Cup Freestanding Basin


If it is just a circular counter-top basin you wish to pair with your bath, there are plenty to choose from in ceramic, metal, glass and stone.


One of our favourites is the simple Italian-made ‘round ceramic basin’ available in shiny white or black. It’s simple and under-stated adding to its perfect design. Or consider the Ripple basin which has a rippled textured surface and comes in white or for those who love some glamour, silver or gold. Don’t forget the Pure circular basin which is part of the ‘Pure’ collection. This white basin is chunkier than the others we’ve mentioned.


Go glass

You wouldn’t imagine there are so many options for circular glass counter-top basins! You can go for clear, frosted, tinted, coloured, crystal cut and patterned – it all depends on the look you want to go for. Remember you don’t have to have a circular bath for a round counter-top basin to look superb in your bathroom!


Last but not least

Livinghouse have red, black or white finished metal basins for you to choose from. You wouldn’t believe they are made from Aluminium alloy mix because of their bio-chromatic finish.


Or try a mosaic resin basin covered in gold, silver or copper-leaf or a gold or silver-leafed glass basin for a truly glamorous look. Alternatively try the Rio which has a brushed gold or platinum surface on the outside.



The Rio Basin


When it comes to adding design circles to your home, they don’t have to be big!



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