No red room just many grey shades

For the last couple of years grey has been the in-colour. Not just in decorating but also in ‘literature’ and film thanks to Mr Christian Grey in 50 Shades!


But grey has been big as we say in decorating; it has been the new white. This home featured on the dwell website shows how you can use this colour all over your house though as chic as it looks, we would need a little colour somewhere!


Shades of paint

If this colour still appeals though the paint companies like many other areas of merchandise have capitalised on this trend.


While Dulux have kept the names simple – and almost unappealing – with numbered grey steel shades. Farrow and Ball have given them more natural names evoking the countryside or period homes such as Mole’s Breath and Lamp Room Grey. Even Crown has come up with more romantic and appealing names such as Grey Lace, Soft Shadow, Cloud Burst and Smoulder.





Farrow & Ball



One other plus is that grey goes with everything. So if you have colourful furniture or curtaining, grey walls will work.



Wallpapers in grey

Inevitably as wallpapers have come back into fashion, grey wallpapers work in a similar way. These wall coverings do give you more scope offering delicate patterns in muted shades such as ‘Feathers’ or ‘Paris Marble’ to bolder versions like ‘Lotta’. You might even consider a mural if your room has the space. They all make a statement but in and understated way.




Tiles to match

In kitchens and bathrooms, grey is the perfect colour for tiles much as the original home on Dwell showed.




At Livinghouse you’ll find a selection of quality tiles for both floors and walls to complete your grey theme – or even venture away from it.


You might consider pebbles! That’s flat pebbles in random shapes for your walls or raised pebbles for your floor. The beauty of these is that they aren’t an overall matt colour. Because of the differing shapes they offer various shades of that favourite colour, grey. They are all made from real stone too.


If you want to jazz things up a little you could use the swish Silver Quartz wall-cladding tiles to give one of your walls a glamorous feel. These are made from Quartz slate.


Laying Limestone tiles on your floor doesn’t have to look rustic either. Try Livinghouse’s slick Luca Limestone or Contemporary Grey limestone tiles. But there is a wider range available including Old Church Distressed, Huckleberry, Old Chapel Distressed, Percy Grey, Shallow Grey and Moleskin Tumbled.


Don’t forget there are offerings of porcelain and marble tiles available too. You could even consider an engineered wood floor in grey – the smoked and cream limed oak floor certainly looks classy. Something Mr Grey could afford.