5 Money-Saving Winter Heating Tips

Winter is just around the corner, and we’re already starting to feel the chill. Here are our tips to keep your home nice and warm – and save you money on your heating bills at the same time:


1. Insulate Your Loft

Everyone knows that hot air rises, and this means that a lot of your heat is escaping through your roof.

Getting your loft insulated will prevent much of this heat loss. While this isn’t a cheap fix, it will save you money in the long run by dramatically reducing your energy bills.


2. Fit Double Glazing

Windows are often to blame for much of the heat-loss in a home. Warm air can pass through a pane of glass more easily than a solid brick wall, so reducing lost heat here will massively improve your home’s overall warmth.

If you don’t already have them, you will see vast improvements by installing double-glazed windows. This is another big job that requires a relatively high initial spend; but it pays for itself when you consider that double glazing can cut your windows’ heat-loss by half, and save you around £80-£100 a year on your heating bills.


3. Close All Curtains At Night

For a very easy precaution to fight the cold from windows; just take a look at your curtains.

Curtains act as an extra barrier to keep the warm in and the cold out. So the thicker the curtains, the more warmth stays in the room!

You should also make sure to close curtains at night in every room – not just the rooms you are using. Open them again in the morning to benefit from the sun’s warmth.

Another simple tip is to keep curtains and furniture from blocking your radiators, as they tend to absorb a lot of heat and stop it getting to the rest of the room.


4. Check Your Door Seals

If your doors are not properly sealed at the edges, you’ll still experience a cold draught, even with your heating turned up and all doors and windows closed. In these cases, you are wasting lots of valuable heat by letting the outside cold in.

You can solve this problem by fixing the gaps at the seals of your doors (cheap foams and sealants are available from most DIY stores). For an even cheaper solution, a good old-fashioned draught excluder may do the job!


5. Turn Down Your Central Heating

Turn your thermostat down by 1°C. You probably won’t even notice the reduction in heat, but you will notice the reduction in your heating bills – every 1°C is costing you around 10% extra!

You can save even more by switching off your central heating at night. Schedule the heating to start just before you get up in the morning, and to turn off again before bed. If your home is well insulated, it will retain enough heat to keep you warm while you sleep.



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