5 essential interior design tips

We’re fairly certain you’re pretty savvy when it comes to interior design, but a little refresher never hurt anyone. So, we’ve put together five essential design tips to help with your future projects.


1. Borrow from the trends

You don’t have to follow the crowd by implementing every trend, but you can borrow elements that resonate with you and that you feel will enhance your own distinctive style. Incorporating certain aspects of a trend or theme into your interiors allows you to keep them looking modern and relevant, whilst still appearing unique.


2. Breathe new light into small or dark spaces

There are many tricks you can implement to shed much-needed light on small spaces or those lacking in ample natural light. Mirrors and reflective surfaces – such as high-gloss finishes in kitchens – help to bounce around both natural and artificial light and make spaces appear bigger. The same goes for your choice of colour. Opt for white, cream or pale shades to keep rooms feeling light, bright and airy.


Layered lighting, such as task, ambient and overhead, can also do wonders for opening up small or dark spaces. It also allows you to set the scene, aid tasks and create various ambiences. Vary the brightness of your bulbs and throw in a few dimmer switches to give you maximum flexibility.


3. Reclaim your space

Storage is crucial to contain the trappings of modern-day life and keep our rooms from feeling cramped. Clever concealed storage takes it one step further and ensures our interiors deliver a clutter-free and contemporary feel.


To keep kitchens looking streamlined, opt for integrated appliances, a pop up extractor fan and concealed power points. And if you love the idea of clear worktops, why not incorporate a boiling water tap and do away with that kettle once and for all?


In the bathroom, use modular furniture and a countertop sink with smart storage underneath to keep towels and grooming products in an orderly fashion and easily accessible. And for an uninterrupted floor line, opt for a wall mounted toilet and sink to allow the eye to travel around the room.



4. Be brave with colour

We’re not just talking about bold, bright or dark colours here. Some people have a real aversion to white as it can feel cold and clinical, but white can play a really beneficial role in room design. Along with black and grey, it makes a great backdrop for other colours, allowing them to take the leading role. It can also bring items of furniture and artwork into the fore and showcase them as statement pieces.


5. Less is most definitely more

Whilst this may be the most overused phrase in interior design and beyond, the message it imparts is still valid. However, applying the rule to your interiors is not always as easy as it seems. If you can, try and be selective with furniture and accessories when designing and filling your room. If not, live with your design for a while and then try editing or moving items around to see if it enhances the overall effect.