Christmas Decoration Ideas – Part 2

Make your own tree ornaments

So maybe you want a more traditional tree than the unique Christmas trees we showed you yesterday. But how about adding a personal touch with the tree decorations?


diy tree ornaments

We love this idea, using old lightbulbs to make cute penguins to hang on the tree. Why stop there? There are plenty of bulb-shaped Christmas icons – Christmas puddings, some Jingle Bells, and don’t forget Santa Claus himself!

Use your imagination and get creative.


A clear bauble, some varnish, and candy sprinkles were used to create this colourful ornament. Little Gray Fox shows you how to make this and other filled baubles.


wine cork ornament

Pistachio shells and wine corks – things we see a lot of over the Christmas period. These two ideas make use of the waste products to create gorgeous tree decorations.

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