Bathrooms for boats

The nautical name for these is “heads”, and it is a reference to the bow of a ship dating back to the 1400s. The ship’s toilet was usually found at the head or bow of a ship so that the splashing water from the sea would act as a natural flushing system.

We’ve come a long way since then, and for some of us a day of boating, or even a weekend on a narrowboat conjures up images of chemical toilets that seem to need emptying far too often – still a vast improvement on the 1400’s.

Luxury yachts however, have bathrooms that could never be referred to as “heads”. In fact we recently read an article about a luxury superyacht where the toilet bowls were crafted out of solid gold.

Charterworld has a gallery of images of the bathrooms on their yachts at Some truly beautiful and tasteful bathrooms, some a teeny bit ostentatious for us, but all undeniably expensive.

If we were fitting out a yacht we’d probably use our own “Pure” range – we think it would work perfectly in a nautical setting. So when you get round to fitting out your yacht, give us a shout.


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