Bathroom refits are top of the list

According to a 2011 survey for the Office of Fair Trading, ‘UK consumers spend around £27 billion every year on home improvements, maintenance and repairs’.  The top two rooms considered for improvements were bathrooms and kitchens.  The main reason why these two rooms are top of the list is that you are more likely to reclaim money invested in these two rooms on resale.


Most difficult

Many other rooms in a house can be made very presentable with new wall colours or coverings, and these other rooms aren’t as fixture and fitting heavy.  New window dressings or a new bed/sofa can make a huge difference to bedrooms and living rooms.  Whereas sometimes a fresh coat of paint is just not enough in the bathroom or kitchen.


Bathroom refit

Once a householder has decided on a bathroom refit, it generally means a totally new bathroom.



A new bath, with a choice of freestanding or built-in, with tiles or a stone surround. There are choices of stone resin baths – solid and beautifully shaped;cast iron – traditional roll top designs; stove enamel – enamelled steel to be built in or used with bath panels.



Next, selection of a shower enclosure.  Frameless being very much the vogue, giving the minimalist glass and minimum fixings look.  There are a huge variety of shower enclosures to choose from. Top end of the market use 10mm low iron glass. Low iron giving a crystal clear glass, free of any green tinge.



Shower trays again require some research as there are various finishes and styles to take into consideration.  Most tray installations are flush or low level these days, again giving the clean clutter-free design.  Stove enamel, stone resin, silicon or acrylic trays are available in many sizes and colour options. The new silicon resin option allowing shower trays to be made in any shape or size, with a large variety of colour options.




Basins are not as simple as you may think. Wall hung or freestanding, with a pedestal or metal structure.  With or without tap holes, one or three tap holes. You can even choose a basin incorporated in a piece of bathroom furniture. This allows for storage in the form of a cupboard or drawers to hide away toiletries etcetera.



Finding quality brassware for the shower, basin and bath is a must. Using quality products will add the luxury and real style to your bathroom. A concealed shower valve and fixed shower head look very impressive. Wall mounted taps flowing into the bath add a sense of opulent luxury. A free standing bath with a tall elegant free standing tap is fabulous.



Toilets are mainly wall hung or back to wall using concealed cistern hidden in the stud wall. Water saving dual flush systems come with a variety of flush plate designs to continue your chosen bathroom look. The toilet seats have not been overlooked in engineering with many being soft close.




Heating the bathroom can be concealed. Installing under floor heating matting prior to tilling the floor is a simple very efficient, luxurious way to heat the room. Add a heated towel rail to complete the luxury of stepping onto a warm floor from the shower with wrapping up in a warm towel.



Tiling the floor and wall with a beautiful stone floor or small mosaic tiles in ceramic, glass or stone eases the maintenance and worry of wetting the floor. The stone also conducts the heat from the under floor heating easily.


Is it worth it?

A bathroom refit is estimated to add about 3% to your house resale price.  A good contractor and fabulous fixtures ensure that not only is the refit a good financial move but also that it will make you feel good too.




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