Top tips for designing your bathroom

A new bathroom, whether for a new build or a refit, needs some planning.

Here are tips and considerations:

Getting it right

How much space do you have?

Its nice to have a separate bath and shower, but if your room size will not allow this, try adding a power shower over a good size bath.  A glass bath screen will keep the water in its place, and adds to a contemporary look.

Using wall hung sanitary ware gives a spacious feel – and its easier to clean around it!

His and hers basins are very much in vogue. Mounting them on a piece of furniture gives valuable storage space below.


Keeping warm

Think about the type of heating you will use in your bathroom.  The options are again affected the amount of space available. If you have free wall space, a large heated towel rail may suffice.

However, once covered with towels, most rails are not powerful enough to heat the room alone.

You might consider under-floor heating as a secondary source. This heats your flooring first, and then the room – a very luxurious touch to step out of the bath on a warm floor.


Floor and wall covering

There are endless stone and ceramic floor and wall tiles to choose from. Larger tiles make the room look bigger, but a beautiful mosaic floor looks just fabulous.

Pebbles add an interest, but may not be recommend for an entire floor as some pebbles can be uncomfortable to walk on.

Polished marble is exquisite but can be a bit treacherous for some. If this is a concern for you, there are products you can apply to the floor to give them an anti-slip finish. And also remember: a smaller tile will give a better grip underfoot.


Shed some light

Bathrooms, like any other room, need several types of lighting:  Ambient lighting using ceiling spots or downlights; task lighting could be lights beside or above the mirror; accent lighting is a decorative addtion, but can be functional too.  Let’s face it we all look better in the mirror if the lighting is kind, so give it some real thought to suit your well designed bathroom space.



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