The Benefits of a Steam Room

Steam rooms were once the pamper factor found in top hotels and spas. This meant that steam treatments were only an occasional experience. Nowadays, more and more people are fitting steam showers in their homes and incorporating the treatments into their regular showering routine.

This steam room is not just an added luxury – it also has positive health benefits.  Whilst relaxing in your steam room, easing tired muscles, or warming through on a cold winter’s day; the steam will benefit your body, as well as giving that warm sense of wellbeing.

A steam room can heat-up to 40 degrees centigrade, with 100% humidity. This heat and humidity opens up your pores, which allows sweat to deeply clean and purify the skin for improved tone and texture.


The body produces sweat to cool down. This sweat production exercises the cardiovascular system; raising your heart rate and increasing blood flow. This won’t affect  your blood pressure as the blood vessels will expand to allow increased circulation.


The heat of a steam room causes the body to produce a fever response. This stimulates the production of white blood cells, antibodies, and anti-viral proteins; helping to strengthen the immune system.


Coughs, colds, and respiratory or bronchial ailments can be greatly eased through steam. It helps decongest the airways, soothe the membranes, and relieve sore throats.


Weight loss from steam treatment was previously thought to offer only temporary results, as water lost from the body through sweat is replenished once a drink is consumed. But because heating up the body increases your heart rate; this forces blood to the capillaries, which in turn helps to burn-off fat and carbohydrates.


We are constantly being told stress is a killer. Life today is busy and stressful. Let the tension drain from your body in the steam room, and emerge with the feel-good factor of a cleansed, relaxed, glowing body and mind.



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