Social Network for Gardeners

Gardening is as popular as ever. Even in cities, green fingered individuals are making the most of what they have, with window boxes or pots on balconies.

But for those of us with busy lifestyles, it can be difficult to remember and keep up with gardening tasks, especially if you’re a novice.


Now help could be at hand in the form of Greenius – a social network for gardeners. Greenius aims to help gardeners to benefit from the social aspect of gardening through sharing advice and tips with like-minded people.




You start by setting up your own digital plot to reflect your real-life gardens. The digital plot is a simplistic grid, within which you add the plants that you are growing. Greenius will then automatically match you with other users who are growing the same plants – connecting you with people all around the world who will have had similar gardening experiences to learn from. You can also keep a journal of your own gardening progress for others to read and benefit from.

Greenius also makes good use of hashtags for users to easily find relevant discussion feeds on their favourite topics.


Because gardening is a less common pastime in urban areas, urban gardeners have often had to ‘self-teach’ due to a lack of experienced horticulturists to learn from. But with Greenius, a world of knowledge could be a their green fingertips.


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