How smart is your toilet?

Your toilet has a very important job to do 24/7, but in recent years it has become a real multi-tasker. Not content with just sitting pretty and waiting for a visitor, your toilet is on a mission to aid your bathroom design and keep an eye on your health.


So, what can luxury designer toilets bring to the bathroom, so to speak? What are their finest and smartest attributes to date?


The ability to levitate

Wall mounted or wall hung toilets give the impression that they are floating or hovering above the floor. For design purposes this allows an uninterrupted floor line which helps create the illusion of space. On the practical side, they ensure easy cleaning in one of the busiest rooms in the house.


Combined with their incredible contemporary good looks and high quality, wall mounted toilets definitely equal smart bathroom design.


The ability to open and close softly

Gone are the days of enduring the loud thud or clatter of plastic or wooden toilet seats. Beautifully designed modern toilets come with gratifying soft-closing lids that are easy on the ears. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


The ability to save water

Not everyone is on a mission to save the planet or reduce the amount of water they use in the home. However, the clever inclusion of the half or full flush option available with many contemporary toilets urges the user to do the right thing.


The ability to save space

For bijou bathrooms, shower rooms, en suites and cloakrooms, small wall hung toilets offer a reduced wall projection to fulfil our practical needs, whilst allowing room for manoeuvre. They also look amazing.


The ability to stand out from the crowd

If the gorgeous, streamlined toilet styles on offer aren’t enough to fulfil your design ideal, the quirky Comfy Cow toilet could be just what you’re looking for. Toilet talk may not be appropriate, but this little beauty is definitely a conversation starter. This adorable Italian designed toilet sports black cow markings on a white background. What, you’ve never seen a cow in a bathroom before?





The ability to monitor your health

With the current trend to connect everything to the Internet, aka The Internet of Things, smart toilets could become a very real concept in your bathroom. By ‘catching’ samples and using sensors, the smart toilet will be able to monitor and analyse your business to highlight possible health concerns. One such toilet is the Intelligence Toilet II by Toto, which is a Japanese design. Obviously.


For the latest trends in designer wall mounted, back to wall toilets or toilets with cisterns, check out Livinghouse and put a little smart design into your bathroom.

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