What is a Slipper Bath?

A design classic, slipper baths have been around since the Victorian era. Slipper tubs are defined by their shape – one end is deeper than the other, with the taps traditionally located at the shallow end. This design offers extra space and comfort to the bather through the support of the higher walls at the deep end.


A slight variation is the double slipper bath, where the sides along both ends of the bathtub are raised and the middle is slightly lower, giving a symmetrical style.


Slipper baths are typically designed as freestanding units, most often with small feet to raise them from floor level. The most common slippers have roll-tops, which add an elegance to bath, and help with the practicality of getting in and out.

Traditionally slipper baths have been made from enamelled¬†cast iron. But nowadays it’s possible to find modern versions in materials like copper, porcelain, or even wood and solid stone.


Whichever type you opt for, a slipper bath will look great in both modern and traditional bathroom settings.



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