No shower or bath for 16 weeks

We take our bathrooms for granted. We know we can bath or shower when ever we want to; we know there is running water at the turn of the tap – not the case in many developing countries; we know that our heating system will heat the water to a comfortable temperature. We are very lucky and pretty complacent!


How would you feel if this wasn’t the case?


Spoilt for choice

More and more homes these days have more than one bathroom – even in the average house. So often we are doubly blessed. But these facilities once thought of as a luxury are taken for granted. We expect to be able to step out of our bedroom and straight into a bathroom.


Similarly most hotels and Bed and Breakfast establishments have en suite bathrooms so that you not only have the facilities to hand, but you ensure your privacy.  But there was a time when this wasn’t the case. You had to leave your bedroom and wander down the corridor to the nearest shared bathroom. It’s barely imaginable these days.


It’s not about first world expectations

But we’re not asking you to thank your lucky stars for first world expectations – although of course we should all do just this. We’re just asking you to imagine not being able to take a bath or shower for 16 weeks.


This is what happened to a friend. She was involved in a serious accident; after two brain surgeries which saved her life, came the long wait while she healed. While the swelling in her brain receded and the healing process began, her stomach protected the front of her skull removed during the operation.


After steady progress she had a craniology to remove the skull from her stomach and replace it! This meant staples in both her stomach and stitches in her head. It wasn’t until these were removed that she could take a shower or bath again. She claimed that after 16 weeks a ‘long soak’ made her feel more human.


Not such drastic circumstances

Thankfully not all of us are kept from showering or bathing in circumstances as grim as these, but there may be some occasions when the facilities can’t be used. For instance, during a bathroom refit you might be without them for a day if you aren’t lucky enough to have a second bathroom.


Maybe you have a hot tub so could at least soak most of yourself in that if your facilities were out of order.


Planning a return

What would you miss most and how would you make up for it?


Perhaps a long, rejuvenating bubble bath; warm towels to wrap yourself in after your long soak and ideally a luscious massage to completely relax you. Of course you might want the indulgence of a luxury designer bath from Livinghouse for this experience. They are certainly something to aspire to.


P S The friend is making a good recovery and enjoying bath times!