Modern Ceiling Designs

There are certain rooms in the home that encourage relaxation, from our bedrooms and lounges to our bathrooms. Sumptuous beds, squishy sofas and roomy bath tubs all invite us to get horizontal and take time-out from our busy lives.

As we lie there contemplating life, our ceilings stare back at us. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with a plain white ceiling, some of us are mocked by Artex and woodchip wallpaper. Yes, woodchip wallpaper on the ceiling.

Generally these applications are used to hide a multitude of sins. But once removed, a skim of plaster to the offending area or the implementation of our suggestions below can bring much-needed interest to this often over-looked design opportunity.



Panelled ceilings are a popular choice and can add grandeur to interiors. Often used in square formations, they provide uniformity and symmetry. But how about moving away from traditional design and introducing a contemporary edge by using 3D Decorative Wall Panels instead?

Available in a variety of colours and designs, 3D wall panels are made from gypsum plaster and can be adhered to walls, so why not ceilings? This is a great alternative ceiling treatment for bedrooms, lounges and even bathrooms as a waterproof version is available by special order.




Why restrict wallpaper to just the walls of your interiors when you can go above and beyond? By keeping walls plain and applying to the ceiling, patterned wallpaper can add an extra dimension to your room design.

Opt for a waterproof version for your bathroom ceiling.



Probably the easiest and most faff-free option is paint, but that doesn’t mean you need to stick to traditional white. Add a pop of colour to the ceiling and pair with white walls or embrace decadence by painting it gold. If your room benefits from a high ceiling and plenty of natural light, why not opt for a dramatically dark tone?





Okay so mirrored ceilings, especially in bedrooms, are a huge cliché. Whilst the original concept is somewhat outdated, mirrored ceilings in both the bedroom and bathroom can work brilliantly if done tastefully. Honestly.

Step away from the seedy 70s look by opting for distressed antique mirrors. This still allows the mirror’s reflective properties to bounce light around the room, but distorts the reflected image for those who would rather not see their Birthday Suit in HD.

Avoid deep shag-pile carpets and the urge to pop Barry White on the sound system and you’ll retain your design integrity.



Glass ceilings are ideal for maximising the light in ground floor extensions. The standard layout of our homes dictates that these areas generally accommodate lounges or kitchen-cum-dining rooms.

But just imagine if your home’s layout was non-conventional. What if you had a ground floor bedroom or bathroom with a glass ceiling? You could enjoy blue skies and changing cloud formations by day and fall asleep under the stars at night. Obviously for privacy this scenario is best suited to those who aren’t overlooked by neighbours and those who don’t live under a flight path.



So the next time you find yourself staring at your bedroom, lounge or bathroom ceiling, why not consider which ceiling treatment will add the wow factor to your interior? To get the ball rolling, you’ll find a beautiful range of 3D Decorative Wall Panels at Livinghouse.