Inspirational home offices

With 4.2 million of us working from home, a dedicated home office is high on the list of requirements when relocating or modifying our existing spaces.


Whether it’s adapting rooms into dual-purpose spaces, utilising a spare room, the loft or building a home office in the garden, we’re pretty adept at transforming our homes into workable spaces to suit our lifestyles.


Home office cum guest room

Despite the advice regularly given to homeowners on TV property shows, it’s okay to have dual-purpose rooms in your home. Don’t get us wrong, their advice re. having clearly defined spaces to present to prospective buyers is valid, but if you’re not about to sell your home then you can adapt it to work for you.


So, if your spare room cum guest room is sitting idle waiting for guests, it makes sense to utilise it as an office as well. Done well, both zones can be clearly defined as useable spaces.


Cloud office

Loft spaces are often utilised for home offices. Situated at the top of the house, their location makes them ideal for escaping the chaos of a busy household. Having a dedicated office also allows you to shut the door on work at the end of the day and draw clear boundaries between working and hanging out at home.


Another great benefit of having your office tucked away is that you can get really creative with the design. Why not give your home office some personality with 3D Decorative wall panels or leather wall tiles?


Office on show

If you’re not able to hide your office away in another room or the loft, then ensuring your work space complements the rest of your room’s decor is essential. Keep the style and colour way the same to blend in, or choose a contrasting colour and style to make it stand out. Utilise clever storage to contain documentation and keep the area clutter-free. Not only does this look more appealing, but it will also help you work more efficiently.


Corner office

It could be an underutilised corner in the lounge, dining room or bedroom that’s calling out to be your office. By using modular furniture and simple shelving, even the smallest corner can be transformed into a compact workspace.


Window office

Advancing technology allows us to set up ‘office’ just about anywhere with minimal equipment. Therefore even seemingly redundant spaces can be easily adapted to provide a pleasant working environment. As long as you have access to Wi-Fi, your laptop, iPad and smartphone only need a little space to call home.


Here a recessed floor to ceiling window has been adapted to provide a workspace with a view. Having a window to gaze out of whilst working will not only help with the flow of creativity, but will stop you feeling like a recluse.


And finally, glass wall bricks can be used to allow light in and provide privacy for home offices that have windows linking them to adjacent rooms.