How to put your own stamp on a property

Watch enough property shows on TV and you’ll hear the phrase “Once we put our own stamp on it…” bandied about as prospective buyers try to visualise inhabiting the space they’re viewing.


Seeing beyond the decoration and furniture choice of others is a real skill that not all of us are blessed with. But being able to see past the lively carpet or oversized window dressings is key to seeing a property’s full potential and how amazing it could look once you’ve made it your own.




Here’s how to make your mark.


For instant results

Depending on whether your new property is a ‘project’ that requires lots of structural work or is just slightly outdated and not to your taste, a little cosmetic attention could be all it needs to make it home.


Make it feel familiar

Installing your own furniture and possessions will instantly make the space feel like home as opposed to a temporary house or holiday let. Just the familiarity of personal photographs, artwork, books, cushions, rugs and general belongings will change the feel of the interior. And whilst the bedroom decor might not be to your taste, adding your own bedding will cushion the blow and help aid sleep until you can take control of the aesthetics.


Update window dressings

If the window dressings you’ve inherited from the previous owner are severely cramping your style, replace them as soon as possible. Cheap alternatives, such as Roman blinds, can make great interim window treatments whilst you’re deciding how to style and decorate your interiors.


Rip up old carpets

Ripping up old carpets will rid you of reminders of the previous occupants and give an insight into what lies beneath. You may discover amazing wooden floors that just need a little TLC to bring them up to spec. Either way you’ll be in a position to put your own spin on the flooring, whether it’s new carpet, leather floor tiles, stone flooring or new wooden flooring.


Start with a blank canvas

If you can’t live with the existing colour scheme or wallpaper, painting the whole of the interior white will give you a blank canvas to work with. This allows you to live with a neutral colour way whilst you decide on the eventual colour scheme or wall treatments for your interiors. Whether you’re drawn to the latest colour trend, contemporary wallpaper or 3D decorative wall panels, an all-white interior is a great starting place to develop your own style for the property.


Further down the line

Replacing a bathroom can seem like a huge job but once the old one is ripped out, installing a new one can enable you to really put your own stamp on a property. This is a great opportunity to inject some real personality by creating your dream bathroom, from generous shower enclosures, to sleek, contemporary tubs or period style slipper baths. And don’t forget the underfloor heating and indulgent wall mounted TV.