Stylish Family Bathroom Solutions

When you have kids your priorities and lifestyle change. That’s a no brainer, but what might come as more of a shock is how much paraphernalia is involved in order to assist, entertain and keep your children safe until they become independent adults. And all of this stuff has to live somewhere when it’s not being transported along with your offspring.


Obviously ‘live somewhere’ is a very loose term for take over your entire home and be very apparent in every room of your dwelling.


One room that is not only required to house toys for your little ones, as well as function in their favour, is the bathroom. Often the smallest room in the home, this space has to provide storage and be up to the job of accommodating your small fry during their ablutions.


Turning your bathroom into a family-friendly space doesn’t have to involve a heavily-themed design resembling a play area. Instead, a few practical design considerations will make it suitable for all the family.


A step in the right direction

A hidden step within this sink unit provides a little extra height for children and allows them to easily reach the sink. Chores such as cleaning their teeth and washing their hands can be done without the need of a freestanding children’s step to clutter up the already crowded space. And when the step is no longer required, you can convert it back into a drawer for storage.



You can never have too many rubber ducks

Bath time is supposed to be fun and for your children that equals colourful, floating toys in abundance. But where to store these plastic and foam creations when they’re not in use? How about utilising dead space near the bath for slim storage?


Help yourself

Reduce your workload by incorporating low-level storage that’s accessible to everyone. Under-sink open shelving is ideal for storing towels and baskets containing toys. Unfortunately we don’t have any tips on how to get your children to put the toys back when bath time is over. Sorry.



Eradicate towel wars

During the growing up process it’s not unusual for kids to have their name on absolutely everything. Proof of their existence and identity adorns their clothes, school kit, books and probably their bedroom door, so using the same strategy in the bathroom is a winner.


To avoid towel confusion and squabbles, hang your children’s towels on hooks personalised with either their name or initial.



How many times do I have to tell you?

Ever feel like your default setting is repeat? If you’re tired of hearing your own voice saying the same things over and over again, like ‘Don’t forget to wash your hands’, put a gentle reminder on the bathroom wall and make it a feature instead. The message will eventually sink in…surely?



Looking for the perfect storage solution? Look no further, our contemporary bathroom furniture provides all the storage you need for your family bathroom.