Christmas decorations: quick ideas for windows

Even though the run up to Christmas seems to start earlier every year, we still run out of time to get everything ready. If you find yourself short on time and energy, why not opt for one of these quick ideas to add a little Christmas magic to your home without too much effort?


Raid the candy cane bowl

This is a simple and effective fix for dressing your window with plenty of festive cheer. After all, it’s not like you’re going to miss a few candy canes and look how cute they look hanging all in a row. The only downside is that you may need to replenish the canes often. Sorry.


What you’ll need to create the look:

candy canes, off-cuts of ribbon and drawing pins or similar to fix them in place. Green foliage optional.


Raid the Christmas tree

Unless you’re incredibly lucky, real Christmas trees rarely grow in the perfect shape to fit your dedicated space. But that’s okay because the off-cuts are great for making wreaths and for hanging in your window. And who doesn’t love the smell of fresh pine at Christmas?


What you’ll need to create the look:

Christmas tree off-cuts, white cotton or fabric ribbon and drawing pins.



Raid the chandelier

Okay, so the chandelier may look a little sparse but who cares when your window looks this great. Anyway your guests will be totally transfixed by the sparkling clear glass drops as they dance in the rare winter sunlight to notice.


What you’ll need to create the look:

glass chandelier drops, fabric or gift wrapping ribbon or white cotton and drawing pins.



Raid the Christmas decorations

This is the easiest festive window fix to perfect at a moment’s notice. Pick your favourite Christmas baubles and tie with long lengths of matching or contrasting ribbon. Then group together and secure with a drawing pin in the recess of your window.


What you’ll need to create the look:

Christmas baubles, gift wrapping or fabric ribbon and a drawing pin.



Raid the children’s craft box

You knew your children’s huge stash of craft materials would come in handy one day. And today’s the day. So settle down with a large glass of mulled wine and cut out a few triangles in various sizes. That shouldn’t be too tricky. Layer together and secure with glue to make your 3D snowscape, then fix to the window frame with invisible tape. Now, depending on how much wine you’ve consumed, thread tiny pom-poms onto fishing line and hang above your winter wonderland. Or alternatively, source a similar style Christmas decoration and attach accordingly.


What you’ll need to create the look:

thick white card or white foam board, glue or a hot glue gun, invisible tape, white pom-poms and fishing line.



Raid the Christmas decorations (again)

This window dressing idea makes great use of those Christmas decorations you just had to buy despite already having an inexhaustible supply at home. It’s also perfect for windows with a curtain wire to hang them from, although the decorations could be secured with drawing pins instead.


What you’ll need to create the look:

ornate decorations, white ribbon and drawing pins (optional).



So there you have it, six beautiful ideas to ensure your windows won’t let you down this Christmas and more importantly, evoke neighbour envy.


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