Bringing the outdoors… indoors


We’ve all heard of open-plan, and most either love it or hate it. Although it creates a simpler end result; designing an open-plan interior can often be more difficult than it looks.


A house designed and built in Japan a few years ago had no available outdoor space, so the architects took the bold step of designing a garden inside the building.  With space already compromised, glass partitions were used to create a visible garden area that bordered the main living space.  Keen to fully incorporate the garden into the home, the designers treated the ‘garden room’ as any other room – with bookcases, chairs, and pictures hung on the walls.


As you follow the ‘garden’ round the house, it turns into a planted partition between the living space and the bathroom, again exposed by the glass panels.  It’s probably a little too exposed for many people’s liking, but it’s certainly an interesting concept.


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Plants in the home

Plants add many benefits to the home, especially where garden space is compromised or non-existent.

It’s a well-known fact that they add oxygen to the air that we breathe; but did you know they also scrub the air by absorbing many nasty, unseen toxins?  That’s a good reason to add them to your bathroom to keep it smelling fresh!


With so many modern plant containers available, indoor plants needn’t look out of place.  And with a huge range of plants available from garden centres, you should be able to find something that enhances your home’s style.




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