Black is the new white

Since coloured bathroom suites went out of fashion, white has ruled supreme for bathroom fixtures.

Colour in bathrooms has been restricted to the décor – wallpaper, paints, tiles and accessories such as towels.


Recently we’ve seen a trend towards dark walls as a great backdrop to white bathroom furniture. The likes of dark greys and deep teals have certainly been featured and they make a great background to encourage bathroom features to stand out and get noticed.


When black is used in bathrooms it is usually in an obviously monochrome theme mainly in the form of the signature of this style: black and white tiles. Occasionally it appears in wallpaper patterns in this décor. But hang-on, that could be changing.


Are you ready for black to take over?

Perhaps following the trend for black gloss kitchen cabinets, there is now a vast array of bathroom fittings available in black. If you’re looking for ways to do the all-black thing, Livinghouse has a huge range of contemporary designed bathroom fittings to bring the whole black vibe to life.


From showers to radiators

Make a statement with your shower enclosure with bespoke black shower-proof wall panels or a made-to-measure shower tray or a standard flush shower tray all in black. Or maybe a shower tray in black marble mosaic is more your style?

Charcoal Black Shower Panels

Charcoal Black Shower Panels


Add a satin black basin to add a pop of the dark colour and mood. This basin which is pictured on a white wash station looks equally good as a counter-top version. Or maybe a cool black glass Wave basin would work better for you?


It may suit your purposes and space better to opt for an under basin cabinet so this one in black oak would work well. Of course if you are intent on keeping it all black we have a beautiful gloss black sink unit complete with a black glass basin. Very chic.


Or why not zing-up your bathroom sink by placing a silver or gold leaf finish finished one with a black glass inside to the basin? If you really want a spectacular basin try the Italian designed Ludo which has a finish that looks like glass and also comes in black.

Loft Black Basin with Silver Leaf


In the same range you could also bag a pedestal sink, toilet and bidet all with black exteriors and white interiors. Now this could look very stylish.


Get heated with a black mirage glass radiator climbing your wall or an ebony lacquered illuminated mirror could be just the finishing touch you’re looking for. Black is back with a bang.

Ebony Illuminated Mirror

Ebony Illuminated Mirror



There are many ways to add the black touch to your bathroom and we have plenty of options on our site including black taps, bath fillers and shower heads, electric switches, even black-tinted glass wall blocks. But remember an all-black room maybe a little overpowering and you could lose the glory of the individual pieces. Better to pick out some key pieces and use them against white or a bright colour.


However you choose to interpret the black look, take a good look round our site or check out our brochure online.