Big Brother’s Twisted Fairytale Interior

Celebrity Big Brother is back on our TV screens to help distract us from a cold and gloomy January. Whether you’re an avid viewer or not, this year’s inmates are hard to ignore as their amateur dramatics spill out into the press.


What’s in a theme?

As usual we’re more interested in how this year’s theme, Twisted Fairytale, has influenced the house’s interior design rather than the antics of the celebrities.


The interior blends a sense of luxury – befitting the Fairytale theme and the charmed ‘princes’ and ‘princesses’ who temporarily reside there – with the macabre to fulfil the Twisted angle. Walls are adorned with fairytale illustrations of mystical creatures and woodland scenes. Furniture in lavish fabrics appears inviting, plush and comfy to provide respite from the emotional and physical discomfort that lies ahead.


Curious oddities are dotted around the house including a dog ornament with a crown and neck ruffle and rabbits as fetching light features. The overhead obtrusive lighting is peppered with chandeliers in the lounge and kitchen and candelabras on the well-staged dining room table.



Writing on the wall asks, “Who in this land is the fairest of all?” undoubtedly to appeal to the celebs’ egos. And the crucial two-way mirrors, framed with chunky ornate silver frames, capture the nonsense as it unfurls and invite the celebs to keep a check of their best assets.


The bathroom of nightmares

The decadent bathroom evokes a nightclub feel with an abundant use of black and gold fixtures and fittings combined with coloured lighting. In fact we can’t help wondering if it has been modelled on either Peter Stringfellow’s or Donald Trump’s bathroom.


A black sunken bath takes centre stage atop a raised and well-lit platform for celebrities with nothing to hide, whereas the shower seems to be concealed behind a hidden door in the wall.




The inclusion of a sofa and comfy chair in luxurious gold fabric in the bathroom follows a regular format for the Big Brother house, but also echoes one of this year’s bathroom trends. Trend forecasters suggest that the bathroom is set to overtake the kitchen as the ‘heart of the home’ and feature dressing tables, comfortable seating and even bookshelves. Well, who doesn’t like a good read in the tub?


What design ideas can we take away from the Big Brother house?

Themeing an interior can seem like a great idea, but the trick is to only use elements of the theme in your design and execute them brilliantly. Basically, don’t throw every design idea you love into one room and hope for the best.


Instead, select the design details you can’t live without and give them room to shine. For instance, love the black and gold wall covering in the bathroom? Use it sparingly on a statement wall instead of covering your whole room.


The Celebrity Big Brother house may look exciting on screen, but it has an over-the-top theme to convey whereas your home shouldn’t. Remember, less is more.


See how last year’s Big Brother bathroom compares to this year’s.


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