Modern bathroom designs featuring marble

When we think of marble bathrooms we’re often transported to the lavish interiors of palaces and 5 star hotels. Although synonymous with luxury, even modest abodes are now combining marble floors, walls, splash backs and sinks with contemporary fixtures and fittings to provide an exciting new take on an old favourite in the bathroom.

But don’t just take our word for it, plenty of glossy interior design mags and online design resources are currently shouting about the merits of marble in the bathroom.


What’s all the fuss about?

Undoubtedly beautiful, marble is waterproof, durable and hard-wearing, making it the perfect stone for bathroom use. Not only does it bask in its association with luxury, but it can add drama or a subtle design flourish to your interior.


Old glamour with a modern twist

Large interiors can handle marble on a large scale. So if you’ve got plenty of space to play with, go for marble with bold veining in a subtle colour way for maximum impact. Add a beautiful modern oval bath, contemporary modular furniture and blend with oversized mirrors and a show-stopping chandelier to inject some glamour.

SHH Architects


Back to Black

There’s no question that white marble looks stunning in bathrooms, but if you fancy upping the ante, why not opt for seriously modern black marble with pale grey veining instead?

Used here on the wall, floor and counter top, it really highlights the crisp white contemporary bath and sink. Floor to ceiling frosted glass doors and a generous mirrored wall ensure plenty of natural light invades the space to balance the heavy colour of the marble.


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Craig Steely Architecture



Balanced drama

You’d think a heavily veined marble would be overpowering, but used in a predominantly white bathroom it adds just the right amount of interest and drama to transform what could otherwise be an unremarkable interior.


House to Home



Easy to clean with stunning good looks, marble takes centre stage in this ultra-modern bathroom. Used for the flooring, sink and splash back, it retains the clean lines of this thoroughly contemporary interior, whilst bringing a little light relief to the minimalist aesthetic.


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 Traditional luxury revisited

Retaining a sense of old-style luxury, delicately pale marble is given a modern twist by pairing it with a gloriously contemporary tub bath in aluminium. The rich tones of the wooden flooring and the mirror-surround lighting cast a decadent golden glow to warm up proceedings.


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Accentuate the positives

White marble with dark grey or black veining lends itself perfectly to monochrome designs. White interiors with black accessories look stunning when played off against marble floors and in this case, a matching marble sink.

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