Bathroom Lighting Solutions

Whether you’re looking for lighting to create a relaxing ambience for your bathing pleasure or to light your way to the loo, we’ve put together some tips to help you show your bathroom in its best possible light.


Task Lighting

Overhead lighting, either via spotlights or a central light, is essential in the bathroom to help you navigate the space and complete your daily rituals. However, every bathroom can benefit from dedicated task lighting to aid specific tasks.


Illuminated mirrors and cabinets

Illuminated mirrors and illuminated mirror cabinets provide essential task lighting for our daily ablutions, from applying make-up to shaving. They’re a great all-in-one alternative to wall lights or lights above mirrors.


Opt for a dual-purpose mirror cabinet to increase your storage options if space is at a premium.


Illuminated showers and baths

Other areas in the bathroom where task lighting is useful are above baths or in showers. Although not essential, additional lighting can make bathing and showering more pleasurable.


Several solutions exist, from specially waterproofed recessed spotlights to showers and baths with integral lighting. These include showers and baths that feature chromatherapy lighting believed to improve mental and physical wellbeing. Their remote controlled lighting system offers a selection of light sequences in a myriad of colours.


Illuminated toilets

To avoid things that go bump in the night, especially stubbed toes on your dash to the loo, Kohler’s lit toilet seat could be the perfect solution.


Showcased at the International Builders Show and the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas during Design Construction Week in 2014, the aptly named Nightlight seat emits a blue glow to make its presence known in the dark.


The illuminated toilet seat would make a great addition to family bathrooms and for those who pay frequent trips to the loo in the middle of the night.

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Ambient Lighting

In addition to task lighting, ambient lighting helps transform your bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary at the flick of a switch. Perfect for setting the scene to enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating soak at the end of a long day.


Floor-level lighting

Recessed LED lights in bathroom floors or skirting boards are great for creating ambience and up-lighting specific features. Placed around the base of the bath they provide a calming glow for relaxed bathing, as well as an exciting design detail.


Floor-level LED lights used around the edge of a bathroom are also useful for lighting the way. They can eliminate the need to either switch on or leave overhead lighting on during the night for younger members of the family.


Bath panel lighting

Bath panel or plinth LED lighting can be used as mood lighting to accentuate your bath and your floor’s good looks. Again it also provides low-level lighting that can be used instead of overhead lighting during the night.


Backlit baths

Backlighting specific features in the bathroom is a favourite trick of interior designers. Often showcasing the star of the bathroom, carefully considered backlighting can turn an aluminium slipper bath or contemporary designer tub into a real statement.


Create the look with floor-level LED up-lighters or by concealing behind a room divider to generate a soft, diffused glow for stunning ambient lighting.


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Other ways to include ambient or mood lighting in your bathroom design include, underwater lights designed especially for the bath, illuminated cabinets, shelving and rails, and tile lights which can be used around the bath or in the shower.


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