Choosing a Shower Enclosure

When choosing a shower enclosure there are numerous aspects that you have to make a decision on. The first of these is the finish of the shower; this includes the hinges, door handles and framework of the shower. There are various finishes to choose from including gold, nickel, chrome or white.

The next thing to choose is the type of shower enclosure.

There are 5 basic shapes to choose from; square, rectangle, quadrant (a corner of the room with one rounded surface), pentagonal or walk in enclosures.


Once the type of enclosure has been decided, you will need to decide of the style of door to your shower. There are various styles to choose from; sliding doors, pivot doors which open out, double doors, saloon (double door which swings in and out) and folding doors which are ideal for smaller bathrooms as it does not infringe on the room space.Obviously the walk in shower enclosure  will have no doors.









The fourth and final choice which has to be made is the finish of the glass which is used. The glass finishes available are standard clear, which is normal strengthened glass with a slight green tint, low iron clear glass which is also toughened like the stand clear but is stronger, clearer and more stable glass.

These types of glass can also be supplies with a frost finish, which is translucent (partially see through) which comes in full where the whole glass is frosted and a partial frosting is also available where only a strip is tinted from the shoulder to knee for example. With the frosted finish, it is possible to get a custom design in the frosting.


The final finish is tinted glass which can be supplied in various colours. Once the finish of the glass has been chosen the glass thickness has to be taken into account. The thickness of the glass is not too important for framed enclosures as the frame increases the rigidity of the glass so usually only a 4mm sheet of glass is used. In frameless enclosures, walk in enclosures and shower and bath partition screens, the thickness of the glass is important. Firstly because it makes the glass look higher quality and secondly because the thicker 10mm glass provides more rigidity which the frame would usually supply.

After making all these decision you should have the perfect shower of your choice

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