5 stellar bathroom design ideas to steal

If you’re thinking about updating aspects of your bathroom or about to brave a complete remodel, take a look at these stellar ideas we’ve come across whilst keeping an eye on the latest interior trends.


Bathe like you mean it

You may think the key to the success of this bathroom is its ample proportions, but we believe it’s how the space has been used. If you’ve always coveted a statement bath – contemporary or period – but have been put off by your bathroom’s modest proportions, don’t be.

The trick is to consider the layout and ensure that your freestanding statement tub has enough room to shine, whilst your bathroom remains workable. Admittedly being able to squeeze in seating is an added bonus, but it’s not a necessity.


House Beautiful

Case in point, this bathroom isn’t wide but it still manages to accommodate a stunning aluminium bath tub. Arguably it benefits from a tall vaulted ceiling, but even so, the bath commands your attention and owns the space.

House Beautiful

House Beautiful


Boxing clever

There’s nothing like a frameless glass shower enclosure to keep your bathroom feeling ultra-contemporary. This generous shower for two is unobtrusive despite its size and still allows crucial light from the windows to penetrate the whole room. It also works perfectly with the modern tub and chandelier, whilst the pebble stone floor adds a layer of much-needed texture to this all white colour scheme.


Take the plunge

Want your bath to say more than conventional tub? Then why not style it out with a wooden version in the shape of a boat? With many beautiful wooden baths available, this take on the nautical themed bathroom is more classy than cheesy. Honestly. The diving man is a nice touch too.


Elle Decor


Flaunt the rules

Who says your sink has to be wall mounted, counter top or pedestal to look stunning in your bathroom? Why not opt for a freestanding sink that raises expectations and brings a quirky vibe in the form of a tea cup? Space allowing, install two and make your choice of sinks a real talking point over a cuppa. See what we did there?


Pure Tea Cup Freestanding Basin


Embrace period drama

Period properties often have fireplaces in the bathroom where a bedroom space has been utilised to accommodate the bathroom in later years. Often relegated to housing a display of dusty dried flowers, this underutilised feature could bring essential warmth and luxury to your bathing time. If the thought of soaking in front of a roaring fire during the winter months appeals, why not look into reinstating a fully-functioning fireplace?

So there you have it, five stellar bathroom design ideas to inspire you. If you’re looking for more inspiration and design tips you’ll find plenty more on our blog, plus a vast range of beautiful designer bathrooms on our website.