This year’s trends in the US and UK

A recent article in an American Magazine, Building, Design and Construction, noted trends that designers were seeing coming through for the year.


We thought that several of them matched what we are seeing in the UK.


Neutral colours

Neutral colours like beige, bone and grey are still very much the favourite choice. Here neutral colours have remained the colours of choice for sometime with grey becoming ever more popular throughout the house.


Almost two thirds of the designers quizzed in the States found that the neutrals were most favoured. It’s easy to see why, especially when we review earlier trends for coloured baths! Neutral tones stay in vogue longer and can work with coloured walls and accessories if necessary.


Shades of grey haven’t only become fashionable because of the recently successful book. Grey comes from palest to deepest and with warm or cold tones and is one of the natural colours of slate tiles which look great in bathrooms. But grey walls also look very chic too.


Freestanding baths

It seems that in the States they are just as crazy for freestanding baths as we are over here. More than 60% of those designers who took part in the survey said these were a must for Master Bathroom Suites.


We think these are also top of the wish list for many UK home owners too. Space is probably the only negative as not all of the UK’s bathrooms have the capacity. However freestanding baths also come in a variety of sizes so before dismissing the possibility it is worth checking out Livinghouse’s range.


Electric under floor heating and steam showers

Both of these one-time luxuries are become more the norm across the pond. Certainly here they are more easily available, and kits make them relatively easy to fit even to existing bathrooms.


Under floor electric heating is certainly something that once experienced, you wouldn’t ever want to be without. Stepping out of the bath or shower onto a warm floor ensures absolute comfort, whatever the temperature outside.


Steam showers are also available in kit form. The beauty of a sauna type room in your own home would certainly add to the feeling of a spa right in your own home.


Instructional videos for both of these apparent luxuries help to make them easier to consider for your bathroom too.


Seats in the shower

In the States they say the shower seat ‘is here to stay’. Users find them useful if they want to wash their feet all over or just to enjoy time under the stream of water. Those who are less able to stand for long periods will find them useful too.


Accessible bathrooms

This term is used in America at least to suggest bathrooms for those that might have mobility problems. Keeping the bathroom looking contemporary whilst achieving this has been helped by the latest in contemporary designs for showers and wet rooms.


Shower trays that are flush to the floor not only look superb, but offer really easy access for people with mobility problems.


Similarly wet rooms, which again are much easier to install than you may think, offer plenty of space if access is needed for a wheelchair or walking frame.