‘The Great Gatsby’ Art Deco Trend

When The Great Gatsby is released in UK cinemas this Thursday, the gorgeous Art Deco sets may just inspire you to create your own Jazz Age interior.

In the film, Jay Gatsby’s mansion is the perfect symbol of 1920s excess. Though a gilded ceiling or monogrammed swimming pool may be a bit much for conventional tastes, there are ideas that can be incorporated into a modern home – the clean lines; the polished chrome; the lacquered wood finishes; the glass accessories.

Art Deco still has its fans, and can look quite contemporary when a design is well implemented. Gatsby’s bedroom in the film contains a sleek curved-edge bed with lacquered wood and chrome details, along with a bold geometric rug and harlequin wall accents – all of which, if used subtly, wouldn’t look out of place in stylish modern interiors of today.


Gatsby's Bedroom

PHOTO: Warner Bros. Pictures


It remains to be seen whether there will be an explosion in Art Deco interiors on the back of ‘The Great Gatsby’, but we are certain it will inspire some bold individuals to get creative with the 1920s style.

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