The future: turn your bath water into a touch screen

Once upon a time it was enough to sing in the shower. Then came waterproof radios for real music in the bathroom. Now we have waterproof flat screen TVs to watch while we linger in the bath.


Technology has come a long way. Most of us now own smartphones which we’re used to having with us 24/7. We use them for everything from social media to gaming. So what happens when we take a bath?


Some clever gamers in Japan have come up with an ingenious idea. It’s currently still in the development stages, but already you can see the potential.


Interactive bath water

At the Koike Laboratory in Tokyo, they’ve developed a system to project a screen onto the bath water, which also uses submerged waterproof speakers and LED lights to create a novel gaming format.


With the Aqua Top Display, you can use your fingers as the cursor to move things around.  Letting your hand hover over the water creates a beam of light. Cup your hands together for a ball of light. Fingers sticking out of the water can be used to ‘shoot’ at targets. In the working prototype, the target seems to be a cute bath-time duck!

See it in action:


The future

As you can see from the video, it isn’t ready to make a splash in your bathroom just yet …but you have been warned!

Do you see yourself converting your bathroom into a gamers paradise?


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