His and Her Décor

(Photo : Kennsington Palace/Michael Middleton / Parentherald)

(Photo : Kennsington Palace/Michael Middleton / Parentherald)

Will and Kate’s new apartment in Kensington Palace is ready for them to move into. It has been ‘spruced up’ by one of the UK’s favourite interior designers, Kelly Hoppen. Equally, Kate has been involved all the way – choosing fabrics and furniture and reputedly mixing modern art with existing Royal antiques. The apartment of Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and his Australian wife Princess Mary was Kate’s inspiration which she saw when she and Will visited two years ago.


The décor is reputed to completed in a subtle colour palette of ‘primarily beiges and ‘earthier colours’ – very Kelly Hoppen. Many of the original features have been kept as you would expect in the Palace.


The apartment – 1A – was previously the home of Princess Margaret and has 20 rooms over four storeys, including two nurseries – one nursery for night times and one for day times which will eventually become the playroom. That’s perfect for baby George and any future brothers or sisters. The apartment also has three kitchens, two of which are for staff and the third is a private space for the family and their chef.


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Will and Kate will share a bedroom but will have their own bathrooms.


Royal bathrooms

The bathroom is the most private place right? This being the case we aren’t privy (no pun intended) to the décor of many Royal bathrooms. We do know that like their subjects’ sanitary arrangements, things were pretty basic for centuries. Royal ‘waste’ was unceremoniously dumped in moats or out of windows. The first flush toilet was invented in the 16th century, but was slow to catch on.


By the 18th century there were flushing toilets available for the Royal family but the cisterns had to be emptied and filled manually. It wasn’t until Victoria’s day that flushing loos began to appear. In fact you can still see these historic masterpieces at Hampton Court and … Kensington Palace. Hopefully though Will and Kate have something more up to date!


Just wondering

With news that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will have their own bathrooms, we wondered how they’d be decorated and what fixtures they would contain. Are they typically male and female in their décor?


Not considering the Royal factor; typical feminine rooms usually include delicate fabrics, fancy finishes like embroidered linens, flowery wallpapers, and often pastel colours. Even neutral colours can be flowery or fancy you know.


Fixtures and fittings will be functional but accessories can always define his or her space. Have they chosen beautiful gold taps or traditional roll-top baths?


His style might show off natural materials like wood and leather, definitely neutral colours and generally no frills. Maybe Will’s choice will be a functional wet room? But we also wonder if Will’s bath will be a trendy wooden one or if a modern contemporary designer resin bath will fit his style more?


We’ll probably never know, but it’s fun speculating…


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