Optimising the space in a bathroom or en-suite

Whether you’re revamping your existing bathroom or putting in an en-suite, space can often be compromised.  Here are our tips to help you maximise the space:


soft cube

  • Take a look at our beautifully sleek, space saving range which is slightly smaller than the norm.
  • If you can, install fixtures with ‘backs to the wall’ so that all the workings are hidden.  This will give the room a more spacious feel.
  • Wall-hung toilets and basins can also help as they don’t reach the floor – giving the illusion of more free space.
  • Be radical and swap your bath for a shower.
  • If you must keep the bath, replace your shower curtain with a glass shower screen.  Being able to see through the glass panel will add to the visible width/depth of the room.
  • Install underfloor heating, which can replace your radiators to heat the whole room – creating more wall space.
  • This free wall space gives more room for cabinets – Keeping toiletries and cleaning products out of sight helps to make the room look bigger.
  • If there is no space for this, invest in some stylish containers for everyday toiletries.  Make sure they retain the overall style of the bathroom.
  • Decorate in neutral colours, especially if the room is short on natural light.
  • Tile from floor to ceiling so that there are no breaks in wall coverings, even if it’s only one or two walls.
  • Add task and accent lighting to make the most of the space.



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