Having Fun in Notting Hill

Probably something we all look for when we stay away is comfortable accommodation. Whether your choice is a 5 star hotel, a specialist boutique hotel or a B & B, comfort is probably top of your list.


What does comfort mean to you? A soft, springy bed with luxurious cotton sheets or a bathroom to luxuriate in with soft towels and sweet-smelling pamper products?


Maybe you love something quirky. If you do we’ve spotted a house in London available to rent. It’s called the Rainbow House and it’s located in West London in the trendy Portobello Road area.


The colourful Rainbow House

The Rainbow House was a typical four bedroom townhouse but its interior was redesigned by AB Rogers who just happens to be the son of the world famous architect Lord Rogers. AB obviously loves bright colours as the house is full of them – fanciful painted floors by Richard Woods and a spectacular spiral staircase in multi colours and much more. It is described as ‘child friendly’ and you can see why much of it would appeal to youngsters or the child in you.


The letting agent, Domus Nova, describes the building as ‘living art’.


The master bedroom has wall to ceiling glass walls and mirrored cupboards which give it a real sense of spaciousness. The bed revolves to give you a view out over London or towards the circular bath. The freestanding circular bath which sits in the centre of the room really does look grand.



When you want to go down to the living area, if you can’t face those stairs, just lift up the man-hole cover and slide all the way down! Yes just like many of the recent agency offices around the world and particularly Google offices, the Rainbow House uses a slide as an alternative means of descent.


The slide gives you a soft landing on what is described as a ‘sofa piazza’ which can also sink into the floor.




Take a tour of this colourful abode here:


If you want to pamper yourself and have some fun in this Notting Hill house it will set you back £3,500 a week in rent.


Introducing these features at home

If you fancy injecting some colour or some quirkiness into your home, some of the features at the Rainbow House can be copied. Well probably all of them could be copied if you have a limitless budget! For those of you with more modest aspirations or wallets, here’s a few easy interpretations.


Colourful floors

Painted original floorboards are nothing new but you could try injecting more colour or copying patterns onto yours such as the graphic flower outlines of the living area or large, geometrical patterns.


Statement baths

Rotating beds, sinking sofas and slides may cost too much to add to your home but a free standing bath in your master bedroom or even in your bathroom should be manageable.



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